Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Bereft of motivation to thrive and excel?

                                                                           Author: Tulane Public Relations
Image: Students in Class (here)

3WW given words:
absorb certain empty

Bereft of motivation to thrive and excel
With right knowledge generously extended
Some caught unwittingly under an evil spell
What could be the difficulty to absorb

Chanced on those truly prepared to learn
From good teachers dedicated to their wards
Certain to be appreciated by most students
Pursuance of knowledge beget just rewards

Resurgence of diligence promised good returns
Not to reproach efforts and good intentions
Empty squabbles among peers from those defiant
Would not deter teachers in their redemption

For Susan's at PU's Poets United Midweek Motif
  -  teacher, one who teaches and
Thomg's at 3WW week #448


  1. I would argue there is fault on both sides in this.
    There are plenty of unmotivated students, but I would also ask what the teachers are doing to find out what motivates the kids. Kids will work hard if they trust the teacher and have a good relationship. Outside of that, if they see the relevance of what they are learning they will be more motivated as well. If you ignore them, they will not perform for you.

  2. May the teachers and students still striving and trying continue to do so.

  3. Kids can learn a lot if they are willing, need a good teacher though for sure

  4. Ah.. sadly if a student is not willing enough to learn.. then there is nothing much that a teacher can do. Excellent write.

  5. This one didn't flow as smoothly as some of your others--just like the classroom you describe. Yes, I know where X is coming from, but especially in high school these days, it's possible to get the bummer of all classes where no matter what the teacher does the "evil spell" is present. Ugh! I've had a few. Oddly, though, those kids will accept extra time, one to one, after school when their peers aren't around to egg them on. Then there may be redemption. Thank God for the students who can show their appreciation to a teacher who appreciates them and gives them opportunities to grow!

  6. I cant help but think about how unmotivated a lot of kids are in the town where I live......compared to the thirst for school and learning in many countries where going to school is not a given, and many kids are unable to get the learning they long for.

  7. When teachers that can't communicate teach students whose interests are elsewhere it is a disaster all round. How important it is for a teacher to inspire his students interest.

  8. being a teacher must be one of the hardest jobs there is. those that can reach there students are much to be admired

  9. I loved school--I still do--even though I am much older now--if I could read every day, for most of the day, I would be a happy camper--but I think motivation is subject related--for me--math? well . . .

  10. It's an uphill battle for both teachers and students because the way we go about it these days discourages that enthusiasm. From Kindergarten on the main lesson is to shit down and be quiet.

  11. The problem with most schools is that it's a one size fits all mentality. Students learn in different ways and move at different speeds. Many children get left behind because the teachers must teach as they're told to teach and not how the students need to be taught. And if you have disengaged teachers, well then it serves no one and the children will pay the consequences.

  12. teachers should be able to connect with the kids otherwise they (under evil spell) will never be motivated and for that teacher's dedication and a little bit time outside syllabus is needed...nice lines Hank...

  13. Thank heavens for good teachers...the joy of learning escapes some but hopefully if only one in the class is inspired it is a good thing

  14. There are few greater joys than to see the eyes of a student light up with understanding and eagerness...and all too sadly, our educational system is slowly putting a tight lid on that experience.


  15. It's good to see children learning, As always a good read Hank.

  16. It takes a good teaher to motivate kids who don't seem to appreciate learning.

  17. Great message in the end, Hank. Only those students who have positive minds will attain higher levels of achievement than those bereft of motivation....

  18. teachers plays an important part in student's achievements but only if student is focused enough, well written

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