Thursday, October 8, 2015

Isn't that being nice?

                                                                               Attribution: Victoria Williams
Image: Calmness -  feeling nice! (here)

To use a minimum of 2 sets from
the Get Listed list given below for
a new poem:
Grim / grin
Pair / despair
Naught / naughty
Ever / every
Thrift / rift
Wonder / wander
Pander / ponder
Illumination / nation

Looking grim but can still afford to grin
Where can one get a pair in despair
to be happily confounding their critics
Isn't that being nice?

It is naught at being naughty but just saying
One can never be sure
but must be ever ready every day
It can be a face-saving device
To snuff off unwanted conspirators
Isn't that being nice?

No small wonder one need not wander off
from that of a midget's test of tolerance
Is it better to a thrift of retorts against those
causing a rift about heights of concern?
Better to avoid in the presence midgets
from trying to belittle or provoke about heights
Isn't that being nice?

One need not have to pander
to odd pieces of opinions but
to ponder on solving the problems
It is an illumination of a nation's pride
to be able to answer intelligently
to hecklers out to test one's patience
Isn't that being nice?

Note: Too good to pass
off the opportunity from
using all of the pairs

For grapeling's Get Listed at Real Toads and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #273


  1. Wow! Wise use of all pairs!!! Bravo, Hank! 'Isn't that being nice?' :)

  2. Isn't that being nice indeed.. Solving all the problems for a nation or for the world..

  3. using all of them!!!...the last stanza is a true illumination....

  4. This looks so hard to do. How well you managed to write this piece and for it to make sense.

  5. Wow!! This is pretty incredible :D great write :D

  6. Nice can sure be subjective sometimes and being nice is keeping our mouth shut some days

  7. Ah, I would guess that 'nice' is quite relative! Not exactly the same to all.... You have aced this challenge, Hank.

  8. I love the photo - it suggests that being nice is spontaneous and not overworked..which is echoed in your poem...

  9. A sweet photo I agree ~ Being nice is relative, but smiling despite criticism is being brave ~ Happy Sunday Hank ~

  10. I agree...amazing as you easily used all the pairs! Well done.

  11. I wish nations' leaders thought more about being this nice! Good one, Hank.

  12. yeah, if only they could care about being nice. really well written.

  13. Nice! and kudos on using all the pairs. Wish everyone could be nice! Excellent poem. Hayes Spencer is Kanzensakura

  14. Well done Hank , what a beautiful photo.

  15. Didn't understand this one ... though I can imagine trying to undo hecklers.

  16. Well woven! Forgive me if I think the nicest of all is that joyous photo.

  17. hmm..I think the message is about standing tall in difficult times.

  18. Great use of the pairs, makes the poem even better

  19. Nice is good and well done with the pairs. Nice is that wonderful photo!
    Anna :o]