Saturday, October 3, 2015

Paltry in strength no match to the slight

                                                                                        Attribution: Jessie Eastland
Image: Confusion in the Sky (here)
(wall of air from westerly winds, keeps storm approaching
from the east at bay, during twilight in the Mojave)

Poem inspired by:
So at this hour without delay
Pluck the vibrating string
(part of lyrics of the song O Fortuna
featured in the movie, Excalibur).

The Flash 55
Pall of smoke twirls clouding his mind
Pressures building up blinding his resolve
Insist he must and begin the slow climb
Delay giving vent to a contending force

Songs of love there to accord peace
Paltry in strength no match to the slight
Pacifying inner aggression at the very least
Facilitating a face-saving gesture outright

(55 words)

For Kerry's hosting at Real Toad's FLASH 55 PLUS


  1. What change, those thunderheads will bring, love the thought.

  2. You managed two very well-balanced stanzas in 55 words. Well done, hank.

  3. Excellent Hank, dramatic reading.

  4. Yes! Someone has to do it, so climb and climb and make that more than a gesture. We must have hope.

  5. The two can sure come to a head

  6. Great! Wish there was more to fill the story :-)

  7. For me, "song" is key. I know it lifts me up, can change a mood, a moment, a memory

  8. smoke twirls can mess with the mind, depending on what is being smoked. nice.