Tuesday, October 6, 2015

It hurts twice as bad - A Haibun

                                                                            Attribution:Whispers by Mala Lesbia
Image:  Courtesy of Nekneeraj (here)

"Friendship is always a sweet responsibility, never an opportunity"  -  Khalil Gibran

The Prose
It had been playing on her mind. She was becoming more vulnerable.
she thought. She reflected with disdain on her folly

He came with a sudden entry barely months ago, disheveled and
hungry.The day was pleasant, clear blue skies above. The sun's
rays extended a swathe over the yellow dandelions.Nothing
prepared her for the faint shadow of a hunk coming her way
to suddenly stand at the front porch menacingly surveying
the surroundings

They hit it off somehow he looking for assurance from an empty
stomach and roof over his head, she longing for someone
to talk to, to appease a lonely heart.

He turned out to be a likable person whom she proudly presented to
her close friend who was just as happy with his gregarious nature and
friendly personality.

No more a recluse nor a stranger to them both.Her friend seemed to
be having reasons to drop by more often than before. Trustingly she
could even leave them alone together in the house to go on short errands

One day she came back to find the door left ajar. Her bosom friend who
was there when she left was not there anymore and neither was he

The Haiku
Profusion of guilt
When struck by friendly fire
It hurts twice as bad

For Nekneeraj's MLMM's Photo Challenge #81 and
Bjorn's at d'Verse  - Haibun Monday #2


  1. Some people take advantage and then leave those that helped high and dry

  2. Sad when people try and help out and become connected only to realize they were used later on.

  3. A delightful read which I enjoyed. Thanks for sharing!

  4. An excellent read with the message coming over loud and clear.
    Well done Hank.

  5. it does indeed hurt twice as bad when it comes from a close friend....such mean people do sometimes meet with comeuppance they rightly deserve...

  6. Sometimes, though hard, it is good...for both... that things come to an end.

  7. To loose a friend and lover at the same time is a harsh reality for many.. alas as Mary says in the long run it might be better to realize their true intent before it's too late.

  8. I know of at least two people who have had this sour experience. They both took a very long time to trust again. So sad.

  9. Now that is a cruel betrayal of friendship.

  10. So sad.. some folks go
    out in the world
    averting eYes
    all day long
    and others
    see a friend
    where otHeRs
    onLY see cold
    eyes nothing...

    Friendship LiGht
    lives in warm
    eYes dance
    aisles Walmart Truth..:)

  11. Wonderfully written.

    Nato (https://chasinglifeandfindingdreams.wordpress.com/)

  12. Excellent write. He puts me in mind of a vagrant tom cat I took in. He came more and trusted more and I gave him all of my heart. Soon he began to come less often and finally, not at all. I always hoped he perhaps found someone who suited him, fed him better and not that an accident had happened. It still felt a betrayal and after these years, I still wonder. Excellent and poignant write. Spencer is Kanzensakura.

  13. One can only love again, take yet another chance, but this time with more alacrity & provisos. Strong haibun, Hank, & relevant haiku.

  14. Happens more often than we would like to think...sadly. Friendly fire is the most painful kind. Great haibun, Hank.

  15. "When struck by friendly fire, it hurts twice as bad." Perfectly said, Hank. Wow!

  16. Got rid of the trash!



  17. Powerful hakiu. Reminded me of when I wrote this:
    hurt feelings

    tossing and turning in a turbulent half-sleep
    moon-tides pull my eyelids open
    emotions pressing like a too-full bladder
    wake me at night with the urge for relief

  18. Moving writing. So many emotions. Beautiful.

  19. Sadly, it turned out badly and I feel sad for her ~

    Thanks for participating in our Haibun Monday ~

  20. Ouch... Possibly the worst kind of betrayal. Well done as haibun!

  21. Oh. I got quite caught up in your romantic but sad tale!

  22. Ah, feels bad and disappointing...better sooner thought to learn the truth....wonderful haibun!

  23. A sad sad story ... but a great haibun ... Bastet