Friday, January 6, 2012

The Republican

Image:1  Mitt Romney
(Picture Credit: Google images)

A Challenger?

A unique system
A democratic process
Iowa’s caucuses kicked off
The Presidential campaign’s lead-off
A known significance
Of a  good showing in Iowa’s
Are eventual Republican challengers

A narrow margin
For Romney a slim win
All of his own bidding
The Democrats are waiting
The world is watching

Submitted for Grandma's Goulash WWR 2012 #1


  1. nice...i dunno man...i dont see a republican candidate that sparks my attention at this point...sadly anyone that might actually change something would never run....

  2. What Brian just said, it all seems to be the same no matter where you are, just nuts going with the flow and not wanting to ruffle any feathers by changing things at their show.

  3. Yvonne - Thanks for dropping by

    Brian - There are some good ones out there who prefer to stay out. These are just not taken in by political aspirations to vie for higher office.

    Pat - Is it going to be a clear passage for President Obama's reelection! That's the way it looks!


  4. Politics - I've just stopped getting excited about them. I pray somehow, whoever wins is shed with wisdom.

    Take care Hank.

  5. I'm with Brian.~Mary

  6. I must admit, i dont follow the upcoming election. I am sorry. But the way you wrote this, it's awesome Pareng Hank!

    Pareng JJ

  7. Tricky subject - carries a lot of partisan baggage - but you are right: the world is watching. Apprehensively.

  8. Myrna - Yes, I take that stand too. Leave it to the politicians and hope for the best. Thanks Ma'am

    oceangirl - In your own way you're keeping abreast of the American political goings-on. That is good. I find it refreshing too!

    FrankandMary - Thanks! If the challengers aren't promising looks like President Obama may be in line for re-election. At least the battle wouldn't be that bruising!

    You and I are outsiders seeing from a distance. We just get better informed from the various news sources that we find.

    Cosmo - Yes, the diehards would not be easily swayed either way. They would remain true to their political leanings. We just observe from a distance.


  9. It's brave you are to tackle such a subject, but you've carried it off with aplomb. Your final line nails it with truth.

  10. Thanks Dave! Yes, it's interesting to see what develops. Whatever happens in America affects us, that's why!