Saturday, January 7, 2012

Colorful Start

Image:1 Colors
(Picture Credit: Poetry Jam)
Image:2 The NBC Peacock

Note: SparkleFarkle in the first comment alluded to the colorful outstretched feathers of the NBC Peacock. I thought it cool to have the image uploaded here. Thanks Sparkle Ma'am!

Color me blue
Ain’t no use crying
If things aren’t working well
Warm tears flowing
Nothing to stop the blues
Eyes red bloodshot hues
Likening to the blue Danube
That overflows its banks
A Purple Heart signifies
Valor in men
Soldiers in blue
Contrasts the Red Army
A Green Revolution
Is a preferred solution
A duel to the death
Is just a memory

Now the  contenders  jostle
Within the party
Seeking endorsements
Of the GOPs
As they proceed
To consolidate their positions
It is now the next round
Debates most profound
New Hampshire beckons

Note: The first part has to do with a lot of colors. The second part strayed to the current Presidential debates which are just as colorful.

Submitted for Poetry Jam with prompt - 'Color Your Life'


  1. Man, those are no ordinary hues-- they're Techicolor! (And when I came upon the Presidential debates part, it was like the NBC Peacock was shooting out BIG feathers!)

    Great day be yours,

  2. Sparkle Ma'am - Your provided link for the NBC Peacock made it most convenient for me to upload it here. It's cool Ma'am! Thanks a lot!


  3. Hank, I like both parts! Great use of color! And for sure politics always seems to be colorful...many shades and hues.

    (P.S - Your incorrect link on poetry jam has been removed.)

  4. I agree with mary... political debates are always colorful. great poem.

  5. Mary Ma'am - Thanks for the kind words! More so for the favor of removing the bad link!

    Isabel - Thanks for visiting. I'll be following developments on the debates. Sadly we may not have live coverage in this part of the world though.


  6. I like your explorations of colors--and politics is always quite colorful indeed. Makes it lots more fun to observe that way! Write on!

  7. nice...had not thought of that peacock in a while...and nice verse....yes politics can certainly get quite

  8. I like the green revolution too ~ Great play on the colours ~

    And the political debates..very colourful indeed ~

  9. yes quite colorful indeed all the crap that spurts from their mouthes and shady deals that take place. Forgot all about that peacock too, so very colorful of you.

  10. Makes me think of David Cassidy. :-)

  11. By the time we get to November, I will be color blind! Great Jam this week.

  12. Amazing .. thanks for the beautiful write up!

  13. You use very colorful pictures and words :)

  14. Like it - very much - and love your appraisal of the second part! Excellent stuff!

  15. Haven't seen that NBC peacock in awhile. The whole piece is colorful, Hank!

  16. Politics tend to make people see red! :)