Thursday, November 2, 2017

enduring and displayed freely for all to see

                                                                                          Author: SimonP
Image: A Bookcase of Knowledge (here)

11 of 12 given words:
guarded whispering, enduring displayed  fear 
stoop barge twice slides stroke bookcase

guarded in extending its
comments a whispering
campaign was undertaken
against them

it exhibits great courage
it is enduring and displayed
freely for all to see but does
not invoke the fear intended

twice it slides down a stroke
but no reason to stoop so low
or to barge into action

even a bookcase of famed
literature is no match for the
computer games now
preferred by the youngsters

MMT's at Sunday Whirl #136
Grace at d'Verse's OLN #207


  1. Some sinking needs to be rose up, learn the words before hand and stay above board.

  2. This was most interesting to read Hank. Well done.


  3. Nothing competes with the screens!I am working on a similar poem

  4. I am seeing this in my youngest grandchildren, and it troubles me. Well said, and you are so good at these challenges!

  5. Those computer games seem tedious to me, but I can see how someone can get addicted to the activity.

  6. Sadly its the way things are nowadays ~

  7. Youngsters can't live without games or their phone. Why is that, Hank?

  8. Latter day addictions, beginning with childhood so well described here. A habit that may be just as hard to kick as addiction of the substance variety.

  9. To read is a skill that’s need to be grown... but games give instant feedback