Friday, November 24, 2017

Came the big day to be jazzing across the surface walls

                                                                                     Author: Grendelkhan
Image: Rock-climbing (here)

Two sets of homophones to be used in a poem.
The first set is:
bolder – more courageous
boulder – large rock

The second set is:
flew – past tense of fly
flu – short for influenza
flue – chimney pipe

Having gone through the works
A few times the steep walls
Under the watchful eyes
of the famed rock-climber
He got to be bolder now
Mindful of loose boulders he was
appropriately warned though

Came the big day
to be jazzing across the surface walls
It should be more challenging than down the flue
Should be humming some jazz tunes
What fun it should be!

He flew into a rage when the day came
The others came back with stories of excitement
Having made their maiden climb of a lifetime
He could only listen with disgust
having to stay home
What a time to be down with the pesky flu

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  1. Ugg, germs can sure ruin a day and leave you stuck home unable to play.

  2. Germs come doen the flue, as ambitions soar up in the sky. Good one!

  3. Oh, this is so how life is! Enjoyed the way you used those words, Hank.

  4. Ah, how disappointing for him. Great use of words, too. 👍👏


  5. Ah that sucks for him but wow! did you ever do well on the prompt and good use of the homophones.

  6. How disppointing indeed, yikes ~

  7. Ha.. but sometimes a flu can be a good excuse too... :-)

  8. I can see how having to skip an event he anticipated would make him upset.

  9. Excellent read Hank. Well done.


  10. Love how you brought in the jazz, Hank!

  11. Nice wordplay here, Hank. 'Tis true ... many an adventure ... has been sidelined by 'the pesky flu'.