Sunday, November 26, 2017

A conflict in his mind to unravel

                                                                                                Attribution: Al Forbes
Image: A Beam of Comfort (here)

the 11 of 12 given words: 
wish simple stand puzzle still stream stolen
amble (walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace)
trim twist prize

How he had wished to turn the clock back
It appeared to be such a simple matter
It stood around a puzzle
He distinctly remembered it still
A stream of events contributed to the melee
A conflict in his mind to unravel
His reasoning was stolen
He could only amble along
disappointment written all over

He tried to limit it down to a few episodes
To trim it within a semblance of relevance
He just could not overcome
when emotions came into the equation

Running away from home was the choice
A twist of fate found him stranded at a lighthouse
It would not win a prize to guess his next move
Forget the troubles of the world
He picked the tab
An apprentice initially and later a full-fledged 'keeper
(131 words)

Brenda's Sunday Whirl Wordle #327
Sunday Photo Fiction
Mary at PU's Poetry Pantry #380


  1. "His reasoning was stolen"...A very much dreadful space to be in..

  2. Yes Hank an awful dilemma to be in, Extremely well penned.


  3. Hopefully he handles those keeper duties better.

  4. Maybe found the right spot and can now keep on a keeping.

  5. Sometimes running away is the right decision!

  6. I agree with Mary. Running away is sometime necessary...
    Anna :o]

  7. I have always been drawn to the life of a lighthouse keeper. It was one of my dreams...........I know a woman here in Tofino who lives in the lighthouse..........she is a writer.

  8. Now, he is the keeper of light to fill the darkness he left behind. I am fascinated by lighthouses. I have visited many and taken the steep climb to catch a glimpse from the top.

  9. They say that trouble follows you wherever you go, perhaps this speaker found a way to leave that old "you" behind.

  10. If we are left with only a semblance of relevance, we are left with not much at all, I think.

  11. Perhaps, a good decision after all, Hank