Friday, November 10, 2017

Ode to an Experienced Victim

                                                                                                        Author Fletcher6
Image: Elevators (here)

“He’s terrified of small spaces, didn’t you know?” 
to think he had to go through it, all over again!
But he fared very well, the second time around!

The day started off innocent enough
Short on provisions so a bee-line to the Mall
Perhaps a bite too. He was famished

A leisurely ride parked his car
and confidently into the elevator he went
without even a second look
to press the right buttons

It moved a few floors and suddenly a jerk
Then nothing happened and he was alone
Claustrophobia, the bad word!
Stultified he went into a frenzy
The next minute he was subdued
He remembered the previous episode
when he panicked and was incoherent

This time he listened well, made himself understood
Took instructions and was communicating
with rescuers outside

He was out in a jiffy!
Lesson learnt, not to panic and enjoy some
testing times even at hard moments!

MLMM's First line Friday
Frank's st d'Verse's  -  odes poems of praise 


  1. Not a pleasant thing to suffer with as with the opposite "Agrophobia". Put into verse very well Hank. Well done.


  2. I like the modern feel of this one.
    No need to panic, it will only become worse.

  3. Panic always seems to precede pause, in my case anyways. I was locked in the library once after hours (long story). And in a very small space. Took about 1/2 hr for someone to hear me banging on double thick windows. Just the thought if it still causes apprehension.

  4. Panic just makes things that much worse, do what you have to do and get out.

  5. Not to panic is good advice. It is hard not to do that. Overcoming claustrophobia may help with him larger issues later.

  6. I like how he overcomes the fear. A new journey for him. A good one Hank.

  7. A cautionary ode, yet an important one to be sure in overcoming phobias.🙂

  8. Great if you don't succumb to panic... personally I think I would have been petrified

  9. Yikes, hate to be in that situation ~

  10. Being stuck in the elevator is bad, glad it wasn't all glass. I like how you make this about the metacognitive skills of the person trapped. In a way they rescue themselves so they can best be rescued by others.