Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sitting all alone rightly in pain

                                                                                Author: Nationaal Archief, Den Haag
Image: Wedded bliss Never Forgotten (here)

Had been for the past hour
Sitting all alone rightly in pain
Through misty eyes never
Even clear window panes

Could right the adverse
She had been gone quite a while
Eight months now unrehearsed
Only memories of her smile

Sustained semblance of sanity
Of the good times shared together
Revelation of heartbreak ostensibly
Masked with forced laughter

Mish's at d'Verse's Poetics -


  1. How I can relate to this.
    Well done Hank.


  2. That is I believe one of our common masks as humanity but most often worn alone. Powerful stuff.

  3. When we lose a loved one, must we put on a mask that we are "okay," that we are "living through," and at what point does it become the expected that we join humanity as it continues on and we somehow must rejoin the movement.
    Your words have made my mind go here....
    Thankful for every day.

  4. Stings a little for me. Deal with bouts of extreme pain every six weeks due to medical treatments. Sometimes it's mentally taxing.

  5. The mask sure tries to go up and hide the truth.

  6. Covering up our pain and grief only leads to more heartache in the end. It is a common mask we wear.

  7. I like how you made laughter a mask and the idea of misty eyes being unable to clean a window.

  8. That forced laughter is the curse of so many

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