Thursday, October 5, 2017

It did not happen yesterday

                                                  Author: Kati Fleming
Image: Limited Space in a Nest (here)

10 of 12 given words:
yesterday endure cauldrons petty hate miss clear live 
broods (the young at one hatching; children in a family)
athwart (to be perverse or contradictory)

It did not happen yesterday nor months
before but endured through the ages
Broods typically of one hatching or of
children in a family were often caught
in cauldrons of petty sibling rivalry

The hate could bring out the animal in them
The strong were known to shove off the weak
out of the nest through sheer instinct

The prettier would not miss taunting the plain Janes
to clear doubts of the more favored daughter

They played safe to live cautiously lest their words
ran athwart to getting them on opposite ends

MMT's Sunday's Whirligig #132
Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  animals


  1. Guess people are often worse than animals when it comes to that.

  2. Enjoyed your take on the prompt

    much love...

  3. This is a new favorite, allegory as it is of crowding humans. And it occurs to me that building small is one way to be sure the fledglings will be happy to leave the nest.

  4. Wonderfully written Hank and a joy to read.


  5. Deep thoughts here Hank. Human rivalry imitates the innocence of nature. But it is something we should aim to transcend, I think.

  6. I like your comparisons here, Hank!

  7. Sibling rivalry, among animals and humans........we share so many similar characteristics. Nice one, Hank.

  8. A little rivalry can be good, but a fine line indeed. Smaller can get the win.

  9. There are some similarities indeed...but animals do things out of a natural instinct where humans can be cruel....a clever and wonderful write Hank!

  10. What a deep poem. It's got some truth in it I suppose. Great write.

  11. I wonder if the character of animals could be easily seen if the human would be the uglier.
    Great meaning in the words Hank.

  12. I think it is something of a cautionary tale, this one.

  13. great poem Love the comparison of the human and animal world

  14. Nice thoughts Hank. Sometimes I feel animals are way better than the humans.

  15. Hatred certainly brought out the animal in my brother when our father died. It was a messy, hurtful, and destructive time.