Monday, October 2, 2017

he delved into recent happenings

                                                                                         Attribution: Wellcome Images
Image: Artist's Impression of  a
Suttee ceremony (here)

the 12 given words:
(together with the extra twisted bonus phrase)
crimson delve reflection clandestine pyre flutter imp corset
subterfuge (deceit used in order to achieve one's goal)
Arkwright  (a skilled craftsman who produces wooden chests or coffers (Arks)
cacophony (discordant and mixture of harsh sounds)
favissa (a cache of sacred objects that are no longer in use)
“Someone is walking over my grave”  (a sudden response to a sudden [inexplicable] shudder or shivering [usually a cold, goose-flesh sensation]) - the bonus phrase

crimson with rage
he delved into recent happenings
he should not allow them to
have their way unimpeded
so he thought but
were there subterfuge elements
in its making?

on reflection he could detect
clandestine moves by some
interested parties lately

they could commit harakiri if they had
wanted to but why involve the young widow
suttee was long banned so no funeral
pyre to jump into any more

“Someone is walking over my grave” so he
mused when he felt the flutter
it would not take an Arkwright to realize it
the imp in him had wanted to explicitly know though

he could confront them with a barrage of cacophonic
expletives to provoke them but good sense prevailed

let the lot of favissa remain in the corset of nothings
safe in the closet so that it would not be a bother to anyone

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  1. The hidden secrets like hidden agendas are dangerous....

  2. This ritual was a very dark face of India, although it was projected that it os for the safety of women, but in reality it is a murder. Glad now this is no more followed in India, but of course there are tiny villages where such things go under hushed tones.

    1. Gosh! Hank never would have thought it still persists. Most unfair to women!


  3. Amazing the way you craft stories in verse out of the word lists.

  4. a most creative plaiting of the given into the widow's self-immolation ritual of suttee - I think it continues in the psyche with murder/suicide events we hear about more frequently these days
    "let the lot of favissa remain in the corset of nothings"

  5. Oh my...I looked at the link. I suppose with all of the other type of ritualistic sacrifices that have happened in the world ... but still a very sad thing to do.
    It reminds me of current absurd rituals that still exist. Which are believed by some to be the correct thing to do.

    (Thanks for stopping by my post on the prompt.)

  6. Never know what lurks out there and what one is willing to do in the name of something or someone else.

  7. Your first sentence seems to describe what most of us have been seeing in the mirror these last few days. But we should all keep on going, until the crimson subsides... for harakiri will help no one (in this age, when honor is measure so differently).

  8. Yes, it was a ritual which use to be performed a long time ago, which I believe was cruel to women..

  9. This type or ritual just chills me to the bone... it would be great if it was all gone, but I think it's there under the surface in one way or another.

  10. I agree. Your way with the listed words are amazing.

  11. Strong poem! I loved the last stanza.

  12. The rituals have (mostly) changed but we still get our feel of the horror and inhumanity
    You are the undisputed word list master!

  13. Sadly fear is a great weapon to control others and unjust killing is used to instill such fear to crush the spirit of women in particular. Yet it still exists even in advanced nations where equality is but a dream. One day perhaps! Wordles often produce unusual work from writers; well done on this one.