Monday, August 21, 2017

Who were there to fight on their behalf

                                                                                         Attribution: Robert Stansfield
Image: Refugee camp for Displaced Persons (here)

12 given words:
left evil hood right sad torches march 
stability statues facts orange lies

Surreptitiously left abandoned
Aftermath of disagreements and clashes
of warlords and mercenaries
whose evil intentions were masked under a hood
Right under the very eyes of authorities

Sad sight seemingly as though torches
were run all over their meager huts
They were made to march aimlessly
Away from the stability of their homes
They remained statues-like in camps

How they suffered alone
Where facts were jumbled with fiction
Regarded as bothersome 
Who were there to fight on their behalf

They having shouted themselves hoarse
were orange with rage
While the world stood by
Waiting and waiting

What lies ahead no one knows
and no one cares

Brenda's Sunday's Whirl Wordle #313
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #367


  1. You lift the distance to bring this tragic truth to us! I send money, but can hardly imagine how a coin in the hand will help. I wait in a nest I made, not in want, and often find the troubles of the world "out of sight, out of mind." Good one.

  2. Such sadness expressed, Hank! The last two lines especially break my heart.

  3. Great job on this piece, Hank ... and your close is truly chilling. It is important, to speak up - to not do so is a form of tacit approval, I think.

  4. Such a huge and apparently hopeless situation – and yet it is important for all who can to keep on trying.

  5. Great poem and more. How can one read your words and not become drawn in?

  6. Sure does seem like any end in sight, yet trying they do.

  7. i just hate wars and chaos and selfishness can cause damage and grief to most of us.

  8. Oh, how I hope that your final line is not true, not true! Someone must care, they MUST!

  9. A well crafted sobering piece of poetry, Hank.

  10. Hank, this made me weep, surely someone cares

  11. "What lies ahead no one knows / and no one cares"...Tragedy of humanity lies here. So heartbreaking....