Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Happy Birthday Sara Ayesha!

Image:1 Setting up the Birthday
Goodies from the Chef's Galley
Image:2 There you are! I've Turned 10, hooray!

Image:3 Norman took time off to
sketch as he normally does

Image:5 Norman's 'The Defenders" in just a jiffy!

“And I think to myself what a wonderful world.”  ~ Louis Armstrong

And I think to myself 
what a wonderful world
Now that my dear self
is seen to transcend the divide
From the innocence
of a baby to a young lady
Where age is just a number
but more than that
A double digit
Can you imagine that?
Mum says it comes too fast
But I thought it was dragging its feet!
Achieved in all of its wisdom
Yes, I've now turned 10

Biologically there are changes
I am all prepared
I have to!
It's so inspiring
Have to keep on dancing
into my teens!

Next, a Driving Licence!

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too late in posting this!)


  1. Ten is a wonderful age for a young lady. Looks like she had a happy birthday.

  2. What an awesome celebration! My grand daughter just turned 11. I enjoy our wonderful conversations. Like Sherry said it is a wonderful age indeed!

  3. Ha.. no the driving license is a bit further away,

  4. Dancing into teens - We have all looked forward to that move up the ladder.

  5. What a lovely poem for a new stage in a child's life. I remember the thrill of entering my teens. Thanks so much for writing for the prompt!

  6. What a super poem. I remember too entering my teens and thinking, now I am grown. Now I enter my 60's and I think, at last, I can be a child again.

  7. those ribs, wonderful drawing, and her smiling face. Wonderful.

  8. the song you mentioned is a perfect tribute

  9. What a wonderful world it is when you're 10.

  10. Happy Birthday to Sara Ayesha

    Much love...

  11. Hope she had a great day. Dancing into teens can be scary for the parents haha drivers license maybe too.