Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Be more specific to allay suspicions

                                                                                              Attribution: Sam Droege
Image: Little tiny Sweat Bees (here)

Rivulets of sweat trailing slowly down
Facials moments ago now some big groans
Parking-lot heat-wave
Triggered stifled rage
Shady spots none but open to loud moans

Shades of impression written on her face
Not quite embarrassed she was in a daze
He was taking liberties
Her anxieties not appeased
Chances compromised with such forays

Shades of grey not quite apparent
Be more specific to allay suspicions
Let them be aware
Being seen as fair
To maintain credibility of positions

Lillian at d'Verse's  -  seeking some shades
Jilly's  -  war in a parking lot


  1. Have to watch those liberties, can come back to bite you in the butt.

  2. Wow! I've read this three times....there's a lot in here. Parking lot heat wave...she is in a daze....him taking liberties....shades of grey not quite apparent....chances compromised. Has she been compromised? Was she willing and then regretful? Leaves me with many questions.

  3. I'm not sure but this may have been one of the "Fifty Shades of Grey". We will hope they maintained "credibility of positions" ... I think ....

  4. Trying to get that parking spot in hot weather and few shade trees can be a problem.

  5. Depending on the interpretation, that could lead to something dark and I don't mean shade.

  6. The form is a perfect choice here, Hank! Nice job - although, I'm allergic to sweat bees so I had to scroll past the photo lest I get the heebie-jeebies! Thanks for joining in!

  7. Karma and more. We could delve deeper into your maze (or trap). Impressive, Hank.

  8. Anxious times when its hot and you are looking for space in the parking lot ~

  9. Sex in a hot parking lot. Let's hope her butt didn't get burned by the cement:)

  10. Dream like essence unraveling but the characters seem locked in their own world. Great one, and a delight to read.