Monday, June 26, 2017

Self-administering insulin is not playing doctor

                                                                                           Attribution: Eric Wicklund
Image  Diabetics Can Look Out
to the Outside World. (here)

11 of 12 given words
insulin posture shake suffer radiate restaurant hereafter 
immure (v) (to enclose within walls. to shut in; seclude or confine)
galimatias(n) confused or unintelligible talk; nonsense)
slovenly(adj) (untidy or unclean in appearance or habits)
cloudburst (a sudden and very heavy rainfall).

Self-administering insulin is not playing doctor
but to regulate glucose in the blood for those deficient
Still, it allows control, dignity and acceptable posture
Unlike Parkinson's shakes that reduce self-reliance

Still not immured nor rendered to a blank staring galimatias
Of those who suffer dementia without any recollections
Diabetics can be expected to radiate confidence unbiased
Not slovenly of those forgetful but immaculate if they want

Not known for cloudburst reactions nor embarrassing actions
But be seen as a loving person, father or a dignified personality
Known to enjoy normal life's pleasures dining in restaurants
Hereafter a well-respected senior citizen in the community
(103 words)

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  1. I did like how you went down a medical path in this one Hank. Very cleverly done.

    1. Yes, we are people not diseases - well said

  2. Indeed, when used properly, a medication can be the difference between loss of life (both physical and psychological) and holding on to who we are.

  3. Interesting, by that I mean bringing these awful disease to the fore by the use of poetry. Very good

  4. It can save lives when used right as diseases can always take flight. Especially the older we get, ugg.

  5. As I age, I appreciate this point of view more. Thanks.

  6. I agree, medication when used properly can help us.

  7. Super cool title/first line... and the "dining in restaurants" line elevates this whole thing for me. Good one.

  8. If you can continue living normal... such a great future

  9. Yes indeed, if we can still eat love and pray, we've got it good

    Thanks for linking to Monday WRites Hank

    Much love...

  10. Sounds like you know what you are talking about. Me too; I used to administer my late husband's insulin when I was his carer (by which time he was unable to do it himself, but me doing it was nearly as good in terms of his dignity and autonomy).

  11. thanks for participating in the wordle :)

    you've used the words really well - and as others have noted, the topic chosen, definitely usual - but well explored and definitely one that deserves voice -

  12. I like the view of this and how you turned it. Great job