Sunday, June 18, 2017

It gnaws at his conscience

                                                                                            Author: Superbmust
Image: Sad Man Reflecting (here)

11 of 12 given words:
gnaws touch prints fall wheel whistle 
broken apart thread ring echo

It gnaws at his conscience
Befitting of the hurt meted out
Touch of class is a rare lesson
Leaving prints in the clouds

Fall from grace a damning start
Wheel of fortune hard to discern
But in a whistle, it is broken apart
Not careful in extending concern

Thin thread that intrudes emotionally
Ring of sadness through her heart
To echo a similar occasion recently
So tactless not being smart to impart

Brenda;s Sunday Whirl Wordle #304
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #358


  1. A sad poem for a sad man
    sometimes reflection is needed

  2. It is good he recognizes the hurt caused, and reflects upon it...more than some do.......I can feel that ring of sadness through her heart.

  3. We all make mistakes. If you hurt someone apologise and move on, do not try make a go of it as they have already seen your bad side...just remember your remorse.

  4. This is so poignant. Often the words we utter leave a big impact on the person.

  5. "Leaving prints in the clouds"
    Truly an impressive image Hank

    Much love...

  6. Looking back can always lead one to think what if or what will be.

  7. Hank thanks for linking to Monday WRites today

    Much love...

  8. I love the whistle that rings through the sadness of her heart.

  9. Really a moving poem, Hank. I can feel the sadness here.