Sunday, May 7, 2017

radiates with the pioneering spirit

                                                                                        Attribution: Student Art
Image: Courtesy of Margaret's pics taken
at the Children's Art Museum (here)

the 12 given words:
ash born cave origins radiates spirits 
snapped rings stories rain thin limbs

ash-colored born of a young mind's ingenuity
chugging out of a cave contending of simple origins
radiates with the pioneering spirit of the Wild West
snapped out of oblivion with rings of adventure
and stories befitting of the land of opportunities

rain or shine heavy on efforts and thin on leisure during
the gold rush frenzy but where limbs were in short supply
hard labor and loads of luck determined success

Note: Pic borrowed from Margaret's
of the previous posting (here)

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  1. I like the thought of the train leaving a cave. Could be a tunnel, but the cave works good with the poem. Artists and writers can put what they like and hope it sells. You've sold me. (Oh yes, I also used one of Margaret's, the bird on the fence.)

    1. Very right Dr Jim. Creative writing allows lots of leeway.One may not be factually correct!


  2. Ha, I think those are still the things that determine success, in any endeavour!

  3. Your poems are always pioneering Hank!

  4. Determination to get what we want (and often times need) regardless of the circumstances is what keeps most of us going. Few things are as inspiring as knowing (or feeling) that we must do something.

  5. Heavy on effort, that is for sure.

  6. We need that stalwart determination to carry on!❤️

  7. The student art is amazing. I like the poem you wrote about it, Hank.

  8. I like the effort... and I think that grit still pays off.

  9. That kind of "push on through" is had these days by so few

  10. Yes, ingenuity and determination paid off. Good poem Hank.