Thursday, May 18, 2017

His father was a good man, a forgiving man!

                                                                  Artist: Pompeo Batoni  (1708–1787) 
Image: The Return of the Prodigal Son (here)

the 12 given Whirligig words:
confused insomniac wrong remember soul
lonely dial college defender thief hear cleanses

3WW given words:
crisis embarrassment decayed

Utterly confused and insomniac
Was it wrong to return?
Remembering his father
was the sustenance to his soul

He felt lonely, he was lonely
He kept dialling for his father
in his mind but refrained countless times
Dropped out of college that was bad enough
Squandered his inheritance, so it was but
he should not be labelled a thief

He was defender of the displaced
fought for human rights in many
of their peaceful marches in the streets

He should hear it himself from his father
It would help cleanse his conscience
There should not be a crisis with his brother

An embarrassment to his being initially but
no decayed thinking should muddle the issue
The return of the prodigal son replayed
His father was a good man, a forgiving man!

MMT at Sunday's Whirligig #112
Grace at d'Verse's  OLN #196


  1. This brought tears to my eyes as I recall my family, my two sons write emails and text messages but don't converse. I get nothing from my daughter and to be honest all I require from any of them is a hug. This was excellently written and albeit the tears a joy to read. Well done Hank.


    1. Hoping for a change of heart, pray it comes soonest, Yvonne!


  2. Many a dysfunctional family can find hope in your words...

  3. Sometimes someone has to take the first step, but other times best to step away.

  4. As a good father should be when a son is truly sorry.

  5. I think a good father should always have an open house.. I hope it stays that way,

  6. Defender of the displaced... I like the sound of that, Hank.

  7. Stunning write. Could have been my father, who I never knew.

  8. Watching and waiting for his sons and daughters to return, the Father runs to meet us and heaven celebrates! Beautifully retold, Hank.

  9. Well penned Hank.Hope springs eternal for Father and Son.

  10. Well done. I don't know if the internet and social media promote closeness or make it easier to ignore. I'm glad they found restoration

  11. "Was it wrong to return?" ... I would rather return and regret, than miss my chance and regret. Once your daddy's gone, he's gone. Always make up before you can't anymore.

    "He was defender of the displaced" ... This is my favorite line.

  12. The forgiveness of the father is a special blessing Hank ~