Monday, May 15, 2017

barely thirteen and aware faintly

                                                                                           Author: Flickr user Artem
Image: Teenager Drug addicts (here)

the given words:
never magnitude thirteen
keta (n. an image that inexplicably leaps back into your mind from the distant past)
chair short engulf elusive weed disgrace color
phantasmagoria (a shifting series of illusions, or deceptive appearances, as created by the imagination)
shard (a fragment, especially of broken earthenware)

never a dull moment
the magnitude beyond fantasy
out of this world
barely thirteen and aware faintly
a sad picture of a keta

snug on a chair
short of lying in the morgue
engulfed in throes of ecstasy
in a stupor of recurring phantasmagoria
chasing and clamoring
for the elusive dream

a shard of the child prodigy
he was once acclaimed
it could be weed, grass, ice
anything he could get a hold on
a disgrace to his being
but captured with a wicked smile
defined by a color 
dull of any life

Yves' at MLMM's Wordle #155
Marian's at Real Toad's - the tuesday platform


  1. This is so chilling coming directly from Mz:s poem... if this never happened... and the picture makes me cold.

  2. I'm with Bjorn on this one, Hank.

  3. Accurate description in the line "short of lying in the morgue".

  4. My goodness this gave me goosebumps!!

  5. dark and sadly true for so many.

  6. Some truths are so terrifying... The last two lines hit the heart of the bone.

  7. Sad truth for so many as they fall into such trappings indeed

  8. I agree too, it's a sad and chilling sight.

  9. Thank you, Hank, for this reminder. Though thirteen seem young he likely was on drugs for several years before. Thinking back then he could take them or leave them.
    I've been hooked and am addicted to Opioids. The addiction never goes away. I haven't needed any for several years.

    1. That's great Dr Jim. You have it under control, that's all that matters.


  10. Drugs are so devastating on a life.
    Sorry, Hank - this didn't show up in my Feedly on Monday.

  11. Devastating, absolutely devastating

    Excellent use of the words and that 2nd stanza is exceptional