Thursday, May 11, 2017

Oscar Night and in walked the glamorous celebrities

                                                                                          Attribution: Isadora Gruye 
Image:1   'School House' 
(use image as inspiration for a 
poem and to include the phrase
'Red Carpet kittens') (here)
                                                                                                   Author Ilya Haykinson 
                                                         GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2
Image: 2  Preceding the start of
the Oscar telecast. Interviewer is
radio talk show host Jennifer Smart.

10 of 12 given words:
balanced hopeful picnic scrawny, after nails colds
brittle:(lacking warmth, sensitivity)
finches (birds which have a short, conical
bill adapted for eating seeds)
daubs (to smear, soil)

3WW given words
bit anticlimax violate

Oscar Night and in walked the glamorous celebrities
They paraded in stunning styles of the latest fashions
Made their mark on the legendary red carpet
Sporting beautiful designer dresses

The rich and famous of the entertainment fraternity
Individually in their own right or as couples
Glittering and dazzling to be ogled at

Very balanced in demeanour far from brittle
Talented hopefuls set to bring home the coveted statuette

In the meantime, the Red Carpet kittens were waiting
Hand-picked for the occasion they stationed
themselves at strategic positions
They did their utmost to intercept their
targets along the passage-way

TV cameras were all the while focused
on the interviews, live

It was no picnic nothing scrawny but they
were in their Sunday best
After all they too were in the limelight
to be telecasted back home
Very much like finches they too had to fight 
tooth and nail perhaps to be there

It would be an anticlimax to witness an interviewer
who might be a bit cold in their attitude 
They had unwittingly brought daubs
to the privilege and to their being

It was tragic as it did happen once to a local talent  
She was sent there amidst fanfare back home
but did not get to interview for some reasons
She had violated certain contractual
obligations apparently!

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  1. This was wonderful to read Hank, I suppose Oscars are important to actors/ actresses. I recall whilst visiting LA saw where the Oscar ceromonies take place.

  2. Luv the fact that the audience is not taken for granted and highlights their struggles in getting there also

    Much love...

  3. Sometimes contracts can sure be a bummer. While so many rich pat themselves on the back.

  4. What I love how you incorporated so many elements and made them your own. Thanks for sharing and viva la!

  5. How clever you chose the red carpet to incorporate "scripted words" to paint a truth.

  6. I'm smiling, Hank. I liked the interview theme.
    Poor thing, she didn't know she had to break into the clique somehow.

  7. wonderful mash up of prompts and a damn fine write to boot.

  8. Oh ... this was a great use of the prompts... the red carpet kittens was a great reference to those moments.

  9. I was waiting for the Red Carpet Finches to chase the finches.

  10. What a clever use of the "red carpet kittens" prompt!

  11. I think I'd avoid those red carpets.. they seem like honey traps

  12. Personally I am bored out of my brain with the childish unreality and playing around. However your observations are good to read.

  13. I too have no interests in so-called celebrities - but would add that your words and insight earn a well-deserved Oscar!
    Anna :o]

  14. Such a brilliant mashup of prompts, Hank!

  15. Violating those contractual obligations is a no-no!

  16. Oh, sad for the local hopeful to have missed her Opportunity! Nicely, Hank!

  17. Immensely clever use of prompts, turning them into an entertaining read!

  18. So nice how you wove all these prompts to create a scene. Enjoyed reading it!

  19. For me, a good enjoyable read, Hank.

  20. You have sketched the scene well, with insightful little nuances.

  21. What an awful lot of pressure it must be!

  22. Such high hopes... Lets hope she gets a second chance.

  23. You seem to have a lot of insight into such situations.