Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Strokes from a master's hand - A Haibun

                                                                                                        Artist : Van Gogh
Image: View of the Church (here)

The Prose
The beauty of Autumn is in the anticipated change of visual rapport of man to nature. 
It alleviates the extremes of sweaty Summer on two fronts.The reduction 
progressively of the warmth of the weather to the progressive change of the 
visual greenery to the copper brown

The beauty of Van Gogh is also on two physical aspects that impact hard on the
consciousness. They are the wavy lines and also the tendency to fill the whole of the 
canvas with such a wavy spectacle.Lesser known or otherwise, this masterpiece 
can immediately be recognized as that of the old master's on account of the 
two characteristics.

The other that leaves imprints on the mind is the signature facet of the 
sunflower as a subject. Van Gogh perhaps wants to maintain the adherence 
to hues of yellow,orange and gold apparent in the above masterpiece and 
in many others. The yellow tallies also to that of the sunflowers' colors. 
Van Gogh's still life of sunflowers is a stimulant to the art scene 
most profoundly accepted.

                                                                                      Artist: Van Gogh
Image: Three Sunflowers (here)

The Haiku
Strokes from a master's
hand to relinquish burden
of talents bestowed

For Bjorn's hosting at d'Verse - Haibun Monday #3 and
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  1. I love the master painter's use of colors, so lush of the season ~

    Thanks for joining Haibun Monday Hank ~

  2. I love your Haibun and all that you shared about Van Gogh~ He was amazing! I love how there is such a fluid motion in his approach~

  3. Congratulations Hank on a fine post.

  4. The artist's wavy patterns are fascinating. I really like your haiku and allusion to van Gogh's mental burden...of genius!

  5. The wavy patterns makes the field look like a river I first thought when I saw the painting; a masterpiece indeed and love that you added one of my favourite pieces he did le Touronesol, of course :)

  6. Oh the contrast between the two paintings tied to the artist's personality... well done

  7. He sure knew how to capture whatever he wanted to.

  8. Smiles.. my friend Hank..
    Lovely Art science
    of what
    Van Gogh
    might have
    been THINKING
    of in his artful
    endeavors here..
    but most likely
    i feel.. that he
    just let it ALL go..
    like that
    Ice Princess
    from Frozen..
    and like in that
    video of song
    if you've seen
    it.. the golden
    blue swirling
    of nature's truth
    in spiraling way
    the art
    in painting
    similar as dance
    free style like the
    Ice Princess does too...

    Essence of Art
    is in
    just doing it Air..

    it's like the magic
    level of a modern
    video game
    that never
    outside of
    the human mind..
    and body too..
    of course..
    as one..
    when expresSinG
    SpiRit as such in ART..:)

  9. Your haiku sums the subject up very well.

  10. I do so like this take on the prompt - a journey through the painting and colors.

  11. Nice, Hank. Van Gogh is one of my impressionist artists. You spoke well of his technique of painting. I also like Henri de Letrec-Toulouse for his rendition of human forms and Monet for his active-sans-people landscapes. We spent a week in St. Remy which is home to the still standing sanitarium where Van Gogh admitted himself after cutting off his ear.

  12. Very nice, Hank. I enjoyed the "lesson" on the different aspects of van Gogh's style.

  13. An informative read and beautiful haiku.