Monday, November 9, 2015

He was utterly Figimaled

                                                                                     Attribution: Aleksandr Abrosimov
Image: Osmussaar Lighthouse(here)

the 11 out of 12 given words:
Aarambham (via Two Paise Poems) Indian for the beginning.
Avasaanam (via Two Paise Poems) Indian for the end.
Figimaled (via Jules) Primarily Farklempt; distressed,
confused, annoyed, dismayed.
Shiprighteous (via KO) A smugly moralistic ship.
Cagestruck (via Yves) to be clueless of the customs,
dialect/language/slang, and haunts of an unfamiliar city.
Skuddling (via a darkened house) side-ways, skitterish motion
Ardle (via Michael) a person who urinates whenever
and wherever the mood strikes them.
Maganda (via Ladyleemanila) Filipino word for beauty,
refers to the beauty of both form and spirit.
Sayang (via Hank) Malay/Indonesian word referring to a
loved one. Also used to express one’s affectionate
feelings to a lady – whispered softly while nibbling the ear lobe.
Appraisal (via Ranted Crow); The act or result of judging
the worth or value of something or someone.
Punarjanmam (via Two Paise Poems) Indian for rebirth
or reincarnation.

Was it an Aarambham or
Was there an Avasaanam
He was utterly Figimaled
How he wished to be in the
Shiprighteous mode

Lost in this big city
How did it happen?
Stuck there for the past week
Cagestruck he could only stare
Right through the open window
Staring into nothingness

His thoughts went the far distance
He looked out again
He could spy down below
aiming precariously
in a Skuddling manner
an Ardle
Something familiar at least
Reminding him of home

But he would rather savor the lighthouse
at sunset further yonder
Awe inspiring Maganda
His mind went haywire to the far distance

How he instantly missed his Sayang
How he missed those lingering hours
When time stood still
When together they shared
Dancing slow fox-trot

No, an appraisal was in order
Even though the salary offered was fantastic
He was certain he could not survive
Not even following a Punarjanmam 
He thought hard

A lower-paying job was still bearable
He would have to go back home
For his Sayang and more!

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  1. Wonderful words, from which you have woven a very interesting poem, full of feeling.

  2. What a beautiful piece written from a complex list of words.

  3. I love that you shared with us the definitions and then this amazing, lyrical poem~

  4. Holy cow that is a challenging word list. Figimaled! That's (ship)righteous. Nonetheless I believe I am able to take some advice from this about the workplace, well-timed for me so thank you! I think, anyway. :)

  5. "Cagestruck" is a wonderful word. I love the duality your placement of it, gives to the second stanza: the word doesn't only explain what is happening with him, but it shows it, too. What a delicious word...

  6. Sometimes money isn't everything, and sometimes when it is, it isn't enough. Can't really win.