Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thrilling Shotover Jets of Queenstown

                                                                                 Attribution: Alex Proimos
Image: The Shotover Jet 'Big Red' (here)
(Skimming past rocky outcrops at close range 
twisting and turning through narrow canyons 
at breath taking speeds  -  Alex)
3WW given words:
wiggle distracted venom

Starting rather small perhaps a trickle
Wiggling along the heavy jungle clusters
Then madly tumbling over falls that sparkle
Rushing through rapids and rounded boulders

Canoeing and rafting pastimes for enthusiasts
Or drastic and thrilling Shotover Jets of Queenstown
Midstream distracted by trade and commerce
With infrastructure of hydro-power generation

Snaked across plains would have been spent
But venom spilled through floods and destruction
Damages and sufferings disgraced it as a friend
Such were rivers extending mixed collaboration

For Sumana's PU's Mid-week Motif - rivers and
Thomg's 3WW week#453


  1. a river's journey is beautiful and adventurous until human hands intervene...

  2. That is a lovely picture. I would rather be canoeing or tubing down that river..I think man often has destructive motives using venom in a round about way.

  3. hard to find a pure river, one untouched, anymore.
    I think speeding through a canyon like that would be fun.

  4. Another wonderful title and unfolding poem Hank - the river of life it seems..with all its twists and turns and collaborations

  5. Stunning :D what an incredible read :D :D

  6. Would be interesting to go on down it, but yeah, man as screwed up pretty much all water.

  7. That inevitable midpoint:
    "Midstream distracted by trade and commerce
    With infrastructure of hydro-power generation" !
    I wish I could imagine living without power!

  8. Journeying down the river however one does it is a cool journey.

  9. Great write, Hank. Man's hand has a negative impact even on the mightiest of rivers.

  10. ohhh you are right about the venom. your poem and its accompanying photo makes me think of how beautiful these bodies are until the venom comes along. a great metaphor I should say for bodies and the "poisons" that we consume every day. wonderful!!!

  11. It forcefully makes it's way to the sea! Beautiful poem!

  12. Brilliant!! Amidst the dark clouds, there is a silver lining..... Artists, writers, poets and intellectuals who have drawn inspiration from river for ages have picked up cudgels against the mindless onslaught.....Beautiful poem!

  13. So true, a river's journey is splendid, but often ruined by humanity's poison. Good writing Hank.

  14. I like how you have looked that the river's whole journey here. Beautiful photo as well. Thanks for reading my poem and commenting as well.

  15. A wonderful read Hank and what about that picture? Awesome.

  16. A different Queenstown from the one I know, but no less affected by pollution. May your words be heard.

  17. sounds like fun for some I'd be scared