Friday, November 27, 2015

Drats! Feeling scared?

                                                                           Author: Luis Miguel Bugallo Sánchez 
Image: Olin's Kins are not that Mean (here)

Drats! Feeling scared?
Not this Cat.
Orlin at Pat’s  (here)
Holds the trump card
Rhyming smart

Sets its mark
A morning lark
Gets ready at 7
Sets in motion
Great motivation

To be #1

There’s usually a scramble
For those who are able
Though some still on the road
Others cashing in on a load
Missing the boat

Some still snoring
Perhaps a good dream
While some had gone missing
Lately are not seen

Where are the good guys?
No, not dropping from the sky
Do come by
No, not likely to cry
Just a good buy
To have a try

To keep company
For a morning spree
Blue’s cut and paste
Hank chasing in haste
Blue holding onto #1
Gives Hank a fine run
All in good fun!

For Bjorn's hosting at d'Verse OLN #161 and
Yves' at MLMM's Music Friday Prompt #18:
 - Everybody Wants To Be A Cat


  1. Awesome pics Hank. I do love cats having had one many years ago.
    Great poem,

  2. Oh we are still here Hank.. You know there is one place where we come.. Though I failed the number 1.. Rhymes are great :-)

  3. I love cats, still own one, but my need to anthropmorphise poetically usually pushes me into canine form; easier to relate to for me.

  4. lol the cat approves indeed here at your feed. Blue tries to sneak in with his copy and paste post haste. A scramble it can be. haha sure a fun one by thee about little old me.

  5. Of course Pat will love this post, smiles ~ Don't mind the company as it is all for fun ~

  6. Oh I like this rap! Infectious

    Warm ALOHA,


  7. haha - Blue and Hank in for a win
    surely, that cannot be a sin
    number one at the cat's bin
    I am sure Pat will grin...

  8. Definitely good fun. It made me smile, for awhile, because I so enjoyed your style. :)

  9. Meow ... how can I not approve ... for I am - Bastet!

  10. I love those cute cats cos I'm a feline lover.
    Loved your rhyme. :)

  11. Some good old fashioned cat sport. Have they been nipping the catnip?

  12. My fat cat
    sat on the garage
    floor climbing car
    to garage door..
    sat again..
    and again
    and again..
    from there
    to lay down
    again and again..
    and now he barely
    gets into the litter box..
    just goes to
    show sh**
    when any animal
    sits still.. even
    with 9 lives..
    pay the