Sunday, April 5, 2015

Carefully wanting to Fathom what is Enough!

                                                                               Artist: Louis Francois (1775 - 1848)
Image: Napoleon Giving Orders at the Battle of Lodi (here)

The given words
crack birdsong careful fathom enough dispute
war pounding parable save fruits suitcase

a crack at a birdsong humming out of tune
carefully wanting to fathom what is enough

a dispute allowed to fester without recourse
what will there be in stopping a war
when the outcome does not prick a conscience
will there be a solution?

pounding on human dwellings
a parable to be later dubbed collateral damage
to save is not to destroy
that is the justification
lame contention as they are destroyed anyway

smirking gleefully upon the victory
over enemies imagined but hopelessly unarmed

where are the fruits of labor to be enjoyed
but perhaps stored in a suitcase
to be carried together upon demise
to be accountable for later

karma has a way to determine
what goes around comes around
it may even be determined before demise
of untold sufferings of the ‘victors’
upon the conclusion of a conflict

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A Special A to Z Tribute: Tina Downey



  1. Karma can kick one in the butt when they least expect it. Humans sure want more and more, not sure on enough

  2. Most interesting to read Hank, given words duly used to their full capacity, Excellently written.

  3. Really skillfully written with brilliant use of the given words. Quite a read!

  4. Hank, this is masterful. Also impressed with your use of the words IN ORDER. Now that is something! As for subject matter, this is truer than true, that karma is and always will be a powerful force in our lives. All of us, even those who only slight their neighbor, are responsible for our actions. Thanks for the reminder. Love, Amelita (and thanks for stopping by my blog!)

  5. To save is not to destroy - excellent line. Really powerful piece.

  6. The question at the heart of the poem---Will there be a solution?---begs for an answer from every generation.

    Whirligig Bits and Pieces

  7. Much to ponder

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  8. Expanded consciousness might help to fathom...first self issues/wars, then the global one....I believe. ~ Great use of words, Hank!