Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A shade above all others

                                             Attribution: Anthony Stanley
Image: A Contemplative Chimp (here)

T for Thinking Aloud

The given words:
weather mottled clip shade stain lace purse ink
iridescent (of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow)
diaphanous (delicately hazy almost completely transparent)
dissonant (disagreeing or out of harmony)

Not under the weather nor mottled
in his thinking
But somehow clipped
in his desire to do good

Iridescent in his make-up
A shade above all others
Why should his demeanor
be stained now

He laced his thoughts well
though diaphanous a little but
none as dissonant as to raise objections

He pursed his lips
He knew he was an honest person
He had to make a decision

He thought he could decide easy and fast
not even allowing the ink to dry
He thought hard!

No, he would not make a good politician!

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Blogging A to Z April Challenge - T


  1. Loved the post Hank but need you have put my photo on the top?
    Always enjoy what you have to write.

    1. Gosh, Yvonne, not that! Thanks for dropping in as always


  2. "Honest" and "politician" do, indeed, have a difficult time existing in the same mind at the same time...

  3. lol honesty and politics don't go hand in hand

  4. Honesty and politician. Now there's an oxymoron!

  5. Lovely twist in your poem. And I enjoyed the image of the chimp lost in "thought."

  6. Titillating. I love the juxtaposition of the text against the image.

  7. Love the photo as a lead in to your words ending with politician, lol,


  8. I think the desire to do good certainly goes against the nature of most politicians

  9. I don't know how anyone could want to be a politician. Statesmanlike people of ability, doing good and righting wrongs are no longer a reality.

  10. Your picture of the politician clearly demeans chimpanzees and other apes in comparing them with a much lower class of mammals. It is sad that the very people that are supposed to represent us serve everyone else but those that elected them; Most of all themselves,

  11. Love the pic you choose for this ~ cool juggling with words and thoughts!