Sunday, March 8, 2015

to make it stretchy and elastic

                                                                                             Attribution: Yasamaster
Image: Kneading on a Colorful plate (here)

The given words:
club sting plant knead drive images 
trip excuses trample string wind 

Suspicion on the gambler’s club
Had been long on the cards
Youngsters who frequented
the premises took it as fun
But losing more than just
pocket money was serious

A sting could begin with a ‘plant’
akin to acts to knead dough
to make it stretchy and elastic
by milling with the crowd
and pulling back when required
as long as one was not discovered

The drive to get information
should not discard the clean
images of a refined gambler
They should not trip in their acts
No excuses to trample on
the genuine ones who took
to gambling as a vocation

A string of successes should
Signal a wind of change
For it was a risky venture
to be placed in a situation
of betrayal in the eyes of
the die-hard gamblers

They would not like their
activities to be flustered
It was a dangerous game
to be a police informer

For Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl wordle #202
and Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry # 242


  1. Ah, so would be a dangerous job indeed to be a police informer. Every day one would be taking a chance & hoping not to be found out.

  2. Bread is so delicious. And the process of baking it is such a wonderful analogy for what happens between marks and swindlers. The push and pull and squeeze and burn... until at the end someone gets eaten for good.

  3. risky business to be a police informer!

  4. One wrong step and it could be their last. Dangerous game indeed

  5. oh i imagine it is a deadly game to be an informer...
    to tell the secrets of any subgroup of society...especially the underworld...

  6. That would be a tricky job indeed, always on the edge, playing a part, hoping to keep the ruse up. Good going! xoox

  7. Oh I like how you kept the info of being a police informer to the very end...

  8. Yes, a dangerous game to be a police informer - or a gambler, for that matter. Nicely done, Hank!

  9. I too loved the images and analogy you worked here as if kneading dough or needing dough!

  10. Thought it was about some young hustlers until the end - well done.

  11. That's a dangerous game to play indeed ~ Good one Hank ~

  12. Hank, I do think it would be rather dangerous to play the game of informer..might have to sleep with one eye open.

  13. Very creative uses of the wordle words "plant" and "knead"--love it!

  14. I wouldn't want to end up in that situation

  15. I've always been fascinated by police/detective work. Mainly mobsters and drug lords. Had I chosen a career path, it would have been either detective work, or psychology. I can understand the adrenaline that comes along with taking down the bad guys! Very intriguing/enthrallibg piece! It sets the scene beautifully!

  16. Very nice and different take on the words...I like the idea of being the informer, dangerous or no...well done.

  17. Very nice and different take on the words...I like the idea of being the informer, dangerous or no...well done.

  18. Invisibility and secrecy are qualities that are needed...and an insurance policy!

  19. definitely dangerous. everything should be studied and carefully plan or the plan will be spoiled.

  20. I would imagine you have to have nerves of steel - in addition to being stretchy and elastic!

  21. crafty use of images

    have a nice Monday

    much love...

  22. Great comparison of a plant to kneading bread!

  23. I love poems like this, which tell stories. :)

  24. Really enjoyed this, Hank. I love: "The drive to get information
    should not discard the clean" Sorry for the late visit, long week.