Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A most spectacular profession

                                                                Attribution: DenP Images (CCBYSA2.0)
Image: A Musical Theater Actor and Dancer (here)

The performing arts
A most spectacular profession
Where else is one under
the microscope
Open to public scrutiny
When one is thrown
to the deep end of the pool
And are immediately
expected to act and react

All references to fall back on
are in the head to be picked up
out of the bag at the right time

An actor dancer singer debater
even politicians all
are expected to think on their feet
and blurt out the needful
at the right time with the
accompanying body movements

The act of performing is noble
to be done with finesse

Not all can ‘perform’ with  flying colors
It takes special inborn talents

Some people are blessed
No small wonder they
command big money
including the politicians
who are accorded additional
talents to glorify and even hoodwink
their way to kingdom come

For Kerry's hosting at Real Toad's 
The Tuesday Platform  -  performing arts


  1. my wife was a ballerina for 18 years...and i danced for several...i have also done some acting and performing with poetry...its fun...i still get butterflies...but they fuel me...

  2. I hate to be thrown in the deep end of the pool. I can swing poetry but not wing it.

  3. Hey, I get that politicians perform too, but no, no, I cannot put them in the same league as dancers, etc ... except in metaphor. Food for though, Hank.

  4. To perform one day is a dream of mine.. but never in the act of politics for me.

  5. I can tell that you are a great lover of the arts, hank. It shines through in many of your pieces. However, I agree that performance should be for love, not money (or political advancement).

  6. The arts sure take a gumption to do, politicians have the art of lying down

  7. We'll have to get Alex to play his guitar at some point, any ideas Hank?
    Great post and good to read.

  8. My first thought was that all of this applies to athletes, as well.

    And musicians, too - especially in jazz. I've preformed a lot, but not professionally.

    The irony in the last stanza is rich and sweet.


  9. You captured the need for each type of "actor" to be ready at a moment's notice. Love it

  10. Nice thoughts, Hank. This will fit many who 'perform' including preachers, teachers, doctors (in their bedside manner), and most all who interface with people who are not friends or family.
    In sales there is a saying, "you only have one time to make a first impression."

  11. I think the performing arts are sometimes under-appreciated...

  12. i agree with your thoughts on scrutiny, and wish there could be more empathy and appreciation

    much love...

  13. Very thoughtful Hank… it is both a joy when I am in flow and terrifying when I become self aware each time I perform a song in public or even teach a class… a pendulum.

  14. It really does take something special to be a performer.

  15. Hey Hank--love this! Did you know that I sing and teach classical singing?? It is lots of fun!

  16. Some "actors" are more entertaining than others...for sure!