Monday, March 30, 2015

A whole new world opened up

                                                                      Attribution: Holunder @

The given words:
click dial infinitesimal (immeasurably small) designation regulation 
platitude (a trite dull or obvious remark) tread clarity
sheaf (to bind something into a sheaf or sheaves) inferior 

The cursor moved and a click
as smooth as waves lapping the shore
so it was just simple browsing
No more the need to dial
An infinitesimal change
But what a wonder!

A whole new world opened up
Aged bloggers could really appreciate
of designations free from regulations
a platitude of no effect or bother

Ease of surfing the 'Net
offered immense pleasure and convenience
everything on-line tugging to be provoked
into action

Treading cautiously educating oneself
through trial and error were common
Clarity of ideas honed through a sheaf
of facts bundled up to be unraveled were
playthings of the day

Physical presence of a dictionary
Readers' Digest collection of poetry
The Encyclopedia Britannica were things
of the past turned functionally inferior
no more by the side for references

Just type 'all the world's a stage'
and the poem appeared in full

Blogging a fun thing to do certainly!

But youngsters these days were still lazing
in bed busy engrossed with twitter and games
The sun was already up

A flock of wild geese flying off in the distance
was the only connection to reality if ever
could be considered so

Good things as had been said
given for free begged for attention

But rather a rabbit could cast influence as
a guardian angel instead of on a one to one basis

For MLMM's photo challenge #54 and
Wordle # 54


  1. "A flock of wild geese flying off in the distance
    was the only connection to reality"

    Ah! Excellent lines... Indeed the disconnect is growing wider and wider.

  2. I loved the above line as well! I do remember the days of dial up and again you have used the words in such a brilliant and original way. I have to physically go to the library and smell and feel the books I need that connection. I do agree with you about modern youth I have a 7 year old so she doesn't really use the internet but she does have games and television and I have to restrict it otherwise I think she would just sit in front of some device all day and never go outside. I played outside a lot growing up and I think kids learn about the world and the interconnection from being outdoors

    Here are mine

  3. Great job here uniting the two prompts.

  4. As always Hank an excellent poem wonderful to read. Well done.

  5. Sadly many are hooked to twitter and games and the like, everything at their finger tips so they rest in bed and do nothing at all.