Sunday, March 15, 2015

the motivation is overwhelming!

Image: The Sunday Whirl

The given words:
blasphemy born deck dry keep monkeys 
plague rustling whole sweet tear

It is a blasphemy, a sacrilege
born of great minds decked
with countless awards and recognition
But still the motivation is overwhelming
It is hard to fathom
One is dry in the mouth

To keep up with the Jones
is no mean feat

One monkeys around on grandiose
projects and ideas around oneself
plagued with feelings of one-upmanship
Rustling through a whole bunch of cattle
on the plains with feelings of sweet nothings
but empty victory

And at the end of the day
With tears rolling down both cheeks
Thinking how one can be taken up
to throw hard earned stipend
on plain stupidity of an
unheralded show-off!

For Brenda's hosting at Sunday Whirl Wordle #203
and Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #243


  1. Very good use of all the words and the message given, good write!

  2. Well, you have said a mouthful here, Hank, LOL. Great use of the words. I can feel the frenzy of the trying to keep up, and the realization, later, with tears rolling down one's cheeks.......well done.

  3. I've never had the means to keep up with the Jones, and am very glad for that, good write and use of the words,


  4. Monkey mind!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

  5. you've sketched vainglorious selves perfectly...realization is their saving point though....

  6. There is no happiness in emulating others. Feeling good should not cost a lot as this can be done by giving love and help and seeing joy in others, not envy. We have come a lot further than monkeys!

  7. Perhaps one needs to retire if one can...but I think the need for income these days sometimes precludes it...I would say hang in there friend.;-)

  8. Just a smile on your face can make you feel good.
    Great poem Hank.

  9. how i wish i can escape this kind of people. on the other hand let positive vibes around you do the talking :)

  10. So true, Hank! Some people waste money just to keep up with the Jones and regret it later. Well said! :)

  11. Ha, I would say keeping up with the Joneses is near impossible! If one gets close, another pair of Joneses appears on the horizon. Smiles.

  12. Keeping up with Jones is such a wasted effort.
    Did you know that phrase came from a real family that lived in Wilmington, North Carolina? They showed off their wealth with parties and expensive items and everyone else was just trying to keep up with them.

  13. Maybe better setting standards for ourselves..sounds exhausting otherwise!

  14. The Joneses can all keep their crap. Pointless and as you say a sign or stupidity

  15. I love where this ended up....I left this craziness a while never does serve our soul. Greta use of the words.

  16. Somehow a chilling reminder of what a workplace can be...

  17. Such monkey business this was, I say wipe the tears and lets swing from the rafters! But, man you mastered your word list here again, bravo!

  18. Haha Well! That say's it all :-)

  19. Going one's own way can result in brick wall and cranium collisions, but I much prefer that headache to the lifelong migraine which results from trying to walk another person's path.

    Well done sir!

  20. Better to follow one's heart, not envy to someone's crazyness... Like how you're using the idioms here :) ~ Masterfully whirling!

  21. Keeping up with the Jones....definitely monkey shit ;-) Haha. I love seeing how different all these wordles end up being. In yours, one monkeys around on grandiose projects, in mine the monkeys ate sweet newborns....these monkeys are getting a bad name for themselves all over the place!!! But, great message here.

  22. Ah, monkeyland, the world of men where all pretend to be monkeykings & monkeyqueens as if they all can monkeyrule for monkeyglory, but alas... they ended up as big monkeyfools! Great piece, Hank!

    - ksm

  23. People do lot of stuff just to show off and surely regret later. Great write, Hank!

  24. You say the truth here Hank. Keeping up with the Jones' is such a senseless desire that ultimately brings no joy. Enjoyed reading this.

  25. Hank, I love that last stanza. It makes me think of growing up... We we are young, we think we need too do so much, show so much, conquer so many things... and fight so hard to have this and that and also the other, that we get to the end of the tired and wondering what we were doing.

  26. So much truth here, Hank. I am sorry for the late visit. I have had some computer woes, but that has been taken care of.