Sunday, July 31, 2011

H2O and All That

Two Images of The Manneken Pis in Brussels.
(In 1987,Jenneke Pis a female equivalent was created but image not shown here )


Water, water, everywhere
The aftermath of the tsunami
Sadly not a drop to drink
Gnawing on man’s ability
To survive on the brink

Manneken Pis was able though
To target a flow without a miss
He has now female company
In the form of Jenneke Pis
Of the watering hole jargon
Bloody Mary , Whiskey American
Sealed lifelong friendships
At the Long Bar with every long sips

Of Titanic, touted indestructible
A wayward iceberg was all
That wrought the unthinkable
Long thought to be a casualty
Of the notorious Bermuda Triangle
All the drama spawned a movie
That caught the imagination of all

Arguments may ignite
Between the optimist
And the pessimist
That a glass is half full
Nay, it is half empty
Whatever caught the two fools
Both are correct eventually

Oceans occupy three-fourth’s
Of Mother Earth’s surface
So also Man’s body fluids
But there is no denying
We can still go without food
But without water we are dead!

Inspired by dVerse of Sheila Moore's prompt #2 'Water'


  1. yes, water is hugely is life...nice traipse through its forms and power both destructive and life giving...

  2. Water is life, yet it is also death.

    Like the way you encompass both scenarios, and perspective with the glass half full or empty.

    happy sunday~

  3. you've covered everything about water so wonderfully.

  4. Yeah without water we're toast
    Or in the heat we'll roast
    Great job with it's tale
    Captured it's life and destruction

  5. Tom Eliot:
    I just wont go without my H2o.. really enjoyed this write... the penultimate stanza is standout

  6. oh, I love the vast variety covered here - oceans, tap water, storms, icebergs, the half empty half full debate and the photos just make me laugh...thanks for the smiles today :)

  7. Although the sea looks lovely from the shore it has been the cause of many a disaster in the past.Your poem brought these to life.
    Very thought provoking.


  8. Ahh... succinct piece on the many facets of water, like a love/hate relationship, really. Great pics to start it off, too.

  9. Water is all things to all men and everything to every man. Fine poem.

  10. I never drink water because of the disgusting things that fish do in it. - W. C. Fields

    A motto to live by!

  11. I love the half full / half empty stanza!

  12. So much water, so little time for industry to pollute it. Loved the little cherub peeing... I could never understand why these guys were sculpted, but they do make me giggle! Thanks, Hank, for another thoughtful post. Amy