Monday, July 25, 2011

A Starlet

Picture Credit: Thanks to Tess Kincaid's Magpie

Vying To Be Famous

Reaching for the stars

Is infuriatingly a challenge

I’ve now lighten the load

I’m already airborne

But I got to try harder

Baggage is holding me back

Every single garment over yonder

Floating in the winds, discarded

The weight is now reduced

I’m now within reach

Success is within sight

I’m on to my last piece

Others may see me as nude

But who says flaunting is disallowed?

‘cause I’m not being that prude

Is it a fault to be well endowed?

Inspired by Willow's Magpie # 75


  1. ha, nice story you have cooked up for the lady...freedom found or unbound in the chasing of a dream. nice play on the prompt.

  2. Terrific magpie. Hope she finds herself before any more is discarded. : )

  3. Great depth to this. Enjoyed it.

  4. That's right... never give up. Powerful!

  5. Terrific play on this one... smiles. Love the depth, the discarding of the unwanted or unneeded.

  6. Powerful!
    Picture and the poem match perfectly, prompt well used:)

  7. insightful message,
    well done tale.

    never give up, succeed in another field if one is against the wall.

  8. ...liked the hanging question at the end.. perfect for a finale... fame - reach for it but do not ever forget to always look back to where you started.. it ain't all for life..(:

    Brightest blessings!


  9. You really "rounded out" this go getter. She could be more than a shooting star! So much life to this...well done!

  10. Wonderful! Loved the last line!

  11. What is God's gift to women? A fair question I grant but not one I am well equipped to answer.

  12. I asked my wife and she said "AA batteries'.
    Don't know what she meant.