Monday, July 6, 2020

strike the orange cord

                                                                                              Author: Colin Keigher
Image: Horizontal Traffic lights (here)

the 12 given words
field stumble meteor eerie blood sleep never reject orange
Vox Populi (popular opinion)
fade place 

in the field of human endeavor
should one stumble or be struck
by a falling meteor 
eerie it would seem blood-curdling
but very unlikely to happen
wise not to lose sleep over it
nor to be unduly worried

strike the orange cord just be forewarned
not to strike green and immediately fly away
to vamoose without thinking
it is best to be hesitant
to strike red and to be cool
unmoving for that split second

never to reject outright the Vox Populi
of an outcome yearned for
a big election rally may not translate to easy victory
stay cool and rate the chances objectively
experience in such a situation is the ideal teacher
strike orange stay cool let the clouds fade slowly away
a clearer picture will be educational
success is better placed to allow for likely victory

MLMM's Wordle #197


  1. Vamoose - not a word I see often. Well done to use it here.
    I know what outcome I am yearning for...

  2. You certainly do come up with some thought provoking poems Hank. Well done on yet another excellent verse.


  3. Hopefully a certain outcome doesn't come to pass again