Friday, August 16, 2019

Tourists Go the Extra Mile

                                                                                              Author Daniel Case
Image: Tourists Would Endevour to See
as Much  (here)

the capitol grew rank in the summer heat
the humid streets clogged with sweating tourists and rats.
all looking to relay pain and sufferings in their bids
unlike a freshened bed of tulips colourfully bred

shoved their beings to create a defensive line of fire
adapting well when finding themselves targeted
the beauty of humankind when called up their ire
thumbed the occasions without much regret

unpredictable elements could be unduly unkind
but migrating birds found their mark year after year
would it then be prudent to be aligned in the mind
to be enjoying perfect surroundings of ideal weather

careful planning certainly was a prerequisite
but uncertainties were welcomed if not too testing
water-logged lanes bore risks but God forbid
as long as tired bones were not too telling

Dylan's at MLMM's  - first line Fridays (the first
line is given and we are to continue)
Sherry's at Real Toad's Weekend Mini Challenge 
messages in water


  1. Always risks and uncertainties, especially when traveling, have to push on though, as long as those bones allow.

  2. I know only too well when I've been travelling one awlays like to go that "Little Bit Further". Wonderful read Hank.


  3. Very intelligently written this portrayal of the tourist in search of an ideal.. I had to read it several times as it wound me around to its way of interpreting things.. Excellent.

  4. Your poem developed from the given line very interestingly, Hank. I could see the tourists (my small village is over-run with them right now) trying to make their way. Things unexpected reminded me of thirteen people injured when lightning struck their group in the Prairies earlier today. Thankfully no one died.

  5. You created an overpowering, sweltering atmosphere in this poem, Hank, and highlighted the unpredictability of weather and nature.

  6. I wonder sometimes how we change as tourists... when we are visitors we should be humble about the conditions in the place we visit I think

  7. You moved so smoothly into the poem after that first line. Works well.

  8. Your second line, yours I believe, remind me of NYC. As tourists, we have climbed a few long flights of stars. My favorite was probably inside the tower of a church in Seville. It was engineered to allow teams of horses to pull coaches to the top. My aging body probably wouldn't let me do that now. I remember a couple of other long ones, Paris, Dubrovnik, Powerscourt Garden Estates (Ireland where I fell down some steps and broke my kneecap), and Helsinki.