Monday, October 29, 2018

putting a gag to a gibbon's guffaw

                                                                                                          Author: suneko
Image:  a black-haired arborícola gibbon  (here)

the 10 of 12 given words:
gag gibbon guffaw given graze graphic
gnathonic ((n.) sycophantic, flattering
gruff (rough, brusque, or stern in manner, speech)
glyph (a pictorial sign as a prehistoric cave drawing or a graph or chart)
galaxy (a gravitational bound system of stars, stellar remnants, interstellar gas)

putting a gag to a gibbon's guffaw
maybe a test of laughs and wonder
given the shrill long distance cry
constant in frequency and penetrating
in effect, it would just graze the surface
as it could be heard miles away

not uncommonly gnathonic nor gruff
but it had that uncanny melodic balance
a very distinct sounding high and low
which could be charted in a graphic
glyph of sorts somewhat unique in the
galaxy of things around the sound system.

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- tuesday's platform bliss


  1. wow - what a tongue twister this was! LOL - but effective ... really effective, although I'm not sure I'd want to attempt to read this aloud.

    I like the spin here, the story - although I mean no disrespect to the gibbon species itself. Seriously.
    But damn, that image - and these words - and for some "weird" reason, my mind jumps to "political" buffoonery - with complex, cross seas (which may as well be intergalactic for all its worth) interplay, with horrible consequences. The far-reaching effect. The disruption. The gnashing of teeth - in a collective consciousness. And one man, in particular, "aping" ....

    "crazy" write here, with deft word skills, even if I haven't read this at all correctly ...

  2. Ooh, the g-words create a cacophony of sorts — it's loud and crazy and overall entertaining. What a wonderful way of creating this sonorous effect which is unto itself the theme of the verse!
    I am intrigued by this bit: "but it had that uncanny melodic balance/a very distinct sounding high and low".

  3. Some things sure stand out no matter how much is about

  4. I now really want to hear a gibbon's guffaw!!! What a magnificent creature!

  5. Love it and the picture too.

  6. Good one, Hank. Love the alliteration.