Wednesday, October 31, 2018

nothing untoward in the legitimacy

                                                                            Attribution: – PrettyScary @ Deviantart
Image: The Return of a
Long-lost Soul-mate (here)

once upon a slumber
dedication of a sleeping partner
given to heaven's blessings
of sharing a bed

nothing untoward
in the legitimacy
of  perhaps of being a ladies' man
caught red-handed but
rather keeping company
to ease off a faint heart
requiring attention

the sacred will of a longing
for a childhood friend
a soul-mate
long lost but appeared
one day at the door-step
to claim the love and affections
of a friend of having
grown up together
now united and inseparable

Nekneeraj's  at MLMM's Photo Challenge #236
Lillian's at d'Verse's  - stock phrases


  1. A lovely ballad where sweetness rises to the apex, a hopeful allegory--the way I felt years ago when my life came full circle as old friends from decades past showed up on Facebook.

    1. You've got it made Glenn! Hank had the same experience too in some rediscoveries and it was such a thrill!


  2. An insightful write. It’s always amazing ... that feeling of completeness when old friends re-appear to complete us.

  3. Love this take on the prompt. With some friends, you can be apart for years, a great distance of time and space...and when you see them again, you just pick up where you were (albeit older) and it's as if you were never apart. Old friends make the best friends :) Well there you go, another stock phrase for you.

  4. When old ones crop back up can sure be grand indeed.

  5. The love of longlost friends, isn't it amazing how it can work? as if the years had not gone by...

  6. some connections never fade and when reunited it really reignites, i feel a lot of passion in your words and it is so very wonderful to feel that way

  7. I like your description of the long-lost soul mate: "the sacred will of a longing
    for a childhood friend"

  8. Beautifully penned. Those people who show up and it's like they never left are truly a treasure to be cherished.