Monday, January 22, 2018

yet to be filled to the brim

                                                                                                   Author:Dick Culbert
Image: The Calabash (here)

empty calabash
reflecting the fading sun
a beggar sits in gloom             © Celestine

empty calabash
yet to be filled to the brim
parched lips a-begging

reflecting the fading sun
day is done aptly
rat race ends meekly

a beggar sits in gloom
shadow of rich self
karma's sad judgement              ©  Hank

Note: the hard shells of the calabash fruits are
useful as water containers when hollowed out.

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  1. Nicely done, Hank. I especially like:
    'a beggar sits in gloom
    shadow of himself
    karma's sad judgement'

  2. Beggars sure get bit by karma, or already bit. Ugg to the rat race though, but to it I must go.

  3. I like this, Hank. I played with the second meaning of "calabash", a word not in my vocabulary before.
    Empty calabash
    Dismayed beggar's not smoking
    Alms please he has need

  4. Now I'm craving calabacita tacos.

    In all seriousness, for calabash to be emptied, it has to have fed someone at least a few hearty meals.

  5. Very interesting! I wrote one of these once it was fun.

  6. That last one squeezed at my heart, the idea of Karma being sad is devastating (and slightly terrifying... the things she might do!).

    P.S. When I was growing up, we used to make purses out of the shell calabash fruit. :-)

  7. luv how you sculpted the Calabash into a beggar's bowl with your words

    much love...

  8. Wow ... Hank I can't remember that you created a Troiku earlier, but this one is very nicely crafted.