Thursday, January 4, 2018

Explore the myriads of contending doorways

                                                                         Author: Andreas F. Borchert
Image:15th-century richly
ornated Gothic doorway    (here)

the 12 given words:
doorknob flame  flammable smallest something 
crackle shouts dance sizzle stone dies paper

Wherefore and what behind closed doors
Twist of the doorknob may not be revealing
The flame is at its height from the floors
Flammable even at its smallest sighting

Something's burning and it is likely not love
Crackle of shouts and a dance that sizzles
The stone in stony silence quenching its thirst
Weighing down hard invoking lots of puzzles

Explore the myriads of contending doorways
Picking it right is the puzzling of life's choices
In most likely instances progress dies midway
For paper-thin matters listen to the inner voices

MMT's at Sunday's Whiligig #143
Susan's at PU's Midweek Motif  -  doorways


  1. We're so afraid of picking the wrong door, the wrong path, and getting burned.

  2. Picking the right one is so often puzzling.

  3. Sometimes we allow that inner voice to screw us and no door gets chosen at all.

  4. "Something's burning and it is likely not love"
    suggests great danger! But by the end, instinct and inner life takes over. Glad you came by. happy New Year, Hank.

  5. I love best "the stone in stony silence quenching its thirst." Happy New Year, Hank.

  6. Many's the time I've chosen the wrong door but have learned from it.
    Excellent poem Hank.


  7. I like the dramatic music in this poem, the onomatopoeic words underlining the meaning.

  8. Thank you for participating in The Twelve Days of Christmas at Lunch Break

    much love...

  9. Life is like that as we keep going in different doors all the time.

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