Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Landlords with Grand Designs

                                                                                          Attribution: Sharon Knight
Image: Linked (here)

Roaming the country-side
Feeling free to observe
Expanse of undisturbed sites
Mystifying a linked reserve

Should not determine a pace
To alter unfettered access
Across the land
Why should there be links in place

To safeguard assets and property
Or perhaps a defiant show
Extent of local power and authority
Strong enough to force an issue

Land is grand
Landlords with grand designs

Grace at d'Verse's OLN #211


  1. The landlord's design is indeed grand! Loved this Hank!

  2. Perhaps I am misreading this, Hank, but because of what goes on in my home turf, it brought to mind unfettered development which pain me in so many ways. We have taken so much land that belongs to wildlife and they have a harder time finding what they need to eat to survive. I understand what you are saying about the "fences." That is a battle that still rages in the American West.

  3. I think it depends on the motive for boundaries. Interesting take on the photo Hank.

  4. The "local" power and authority shows its limitation.

  5. The landlord can each have their own, while others have to abide.

  6. Some "grand designs" do so much more harm than good...

  7. Maybe a landlord is more scared than he thinks.

  8. Thank you for the interesting poem. A pleasure to read.

  9. I believe every landlord is different and has a unique motive :) Powerful write, Hank!

  10. The land is free for everyone to see and enjoy~ But the reality is landlords have grand designs ~

  11. Your poetry is brilliant. I'll leave the debating to others.