Monday, December 11, 2017

How long had it been, 30 years? - a Haibun

                                                Attribution: Jorge Royan / / CC BY-SA 3.0
Image: Young Innocents Coyly
Sizing up each Other (here)

The Prose
I was in a hurry. I was late for an appointment. It was not my
nature to be late for anything. "It is better to be early by 30
minutes than late by 3 minutes" that I had often been told.
Brisk walking along the block not hurrying, not wanting to be
sweaty upon arrival, I should be there in 15 minutes so I reasoned

I took a turn around the block and, lo and behold, there she was
facing me. We were pleasantly surprised, taken aback in fact.

We stood still quietly looking at each other. Only the pavement
had the clatter of movements of people. Not a word from either
of us for that brief few seconds.

Then simultaneously we both lurched forward involuntarily and
hugged each other tightly just as it had been decades ago. The
utter shock of a chance meeting again was overwhelming. To
think it was a street corner but it did not matter. Tears flowed
freely. I had not remembered crying lately but it just happened

How long had it been, 30 years? And she was just as sweet
and beautiful as before.

So much to catch up on -  the appointment could wait!
(200 words)

The Haiku
rekindled moments
of young innocents at play
seemed like yesterday

Frank at d'Verse's Haibun Monday
theme -  pleasantly surprised


  1. A wonderful read Hank, excellently written.


  2. Can be fun to run into someone you haven't seen for a while and maybe rekindle a little more.

  3. Oh you've described this chance encounter so very well! Yes indeed....sometimes appointments can wait! :)

  4. Beautiful haiku. I liked the rhyme in it. Also beautiful description of that unexpected meeting.

  5. Story to be continued? Wonderfully told

  6. I do love that encounter... and I too love to be early for meetings. Great that you got that chance encounter as a bonus. I hope you rekindle that old friendship

  7. ah such a beautiful description of an encounter pulled together by fate and good fortune