Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Friends were expected to lend a helping hand

                                                                                        Author:DieTierfreunde 371
Image: Not to Abandon Ship (here)

The feeling was great and the occasion made
Set to be settled not in a meek way unsolicited
When it was an enduring faith to right a mistake
But why must there be a quaint feeling of hurt

Abandoned in a groove of failed assertions
Lamenting luckless nights dodging with his skills
Out of the rut for a reasonably stable outcome
Determined to clamber back onto an even keel

To extend support aligned to their knowledge
Friends were expected to lend a helping hand
But not the best of times to be so privileged
Karma was having a field day to exact payment

Lillian's at d'Verse's Tuesday Poetics :
How Are You Feeling Today? - groove


  1. Very true - what comes around goes around.

  2. I wonder if tit for tat really works... maybe there were no friendship if it's based on balance sheets.

  3. I like that last line about karma's field day.

  4. Karma will certainly have its day Hank!

  5. "Abandoned in a groove of failed assertions"
    So much meaning in this's a stand alone, actually.
    And yes, Karma shall have its day!

  6. Wonderful to read Hank albeit later than intended.

  7. A delightful read indeed and a reflective one at that. Warm greetings!

  8. Things can sure come back to bite one in the backside