Monday, June 6, 2016

'I remember marrying only half of you' - a Haibun

                                                                                Attribution: Tiago Lima
Image: Lone Figure in Early Morning Walks (here)

It was slowly beginning to take the semblance of a daily routine
Had never thought much of it nor had wanted to delve into
its  pros and cons. It just happened to be noticed by the good
wife who remarked,

'dear, you know something?'

Any kind of question that one needed to wait a while for a
continuing barrage meant something was obviously wrong and
noticed by the good wife and needed to be acted upon by the
hubby. But thank goodness this time though there were no
berating narratives ,no sarcasm, no veiled reprimand but just
an innocent statement that caught hubby off-guard

'I remember marrying only half of you'

There, finally confirmed! Hubby had been worrying about
his ever increasing girth around the belly. How his normally
trim self was now being made to struggle to get into the 'ever
shrinking pair of old slacks' which was a perfect fit not many
years ago. Hubby was beginning to be rotund and round and
it was nobody's fault. The good wife guiltily thought it was her
fault. Providing the tender and loving care which took the form
of good food on the table whenever hubby looked hungry - not
realizing hunger was genuinely registered but prompted not
for the taste buds but the wild imaginations over her supple
self that had sustained his cravings for all these years.

So that was how the early morning walks took precedence
over anything else in the ever loving household since then.

Love for the hubby
Good wife subtly voiced concerns
'Morning walks were fun!'

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  1. A healthy change, for sure. :)

  2. Yes indeed. Very healthy change!

  3. Oh yes... those walks can make a big change... great question from your wife.

  4. I do love walks, mornings and late afternoons ~ Good change for the family~

  5. I once used to go for an early morning walk but since moving last year and medication problems my walks are later in the day.
    Great post Hank.

  6. That's right, walk all that fat off!
    I hope I never hear my wife say that...

  7. Yep, walking is good to do, and yeah, I'll never let myself get to the point where I need to walk to get skinny again.

  8. Life (and tummy) brand new again! Very cute writing!

  9. Gayle Walters RoseJune 7, 2016 at 4:37 PM

    I think your wife handled that scenario with much diplomacy, Hank, and you got a nice partner to walk with in the mornings too. Nice, Hank!

  10. Walking is the best exercise you can do and you get to enjoy nature.

  11. This made me smile. I remember when I was only half of me too. Sigh. Bravo for the morning walks!

  12. Wonderful haibun, banter, and reason for walking together!

  13. What a unique way of telling someone that they aren't as skinny as they used to be!

  14. Loved it. It brings this nice warm love feeling

  15. Love your wife's cheeky comment, love that you responded by making a change, love that it is all part of your marriage. Liked your cheeky little haiku, too.

  16. oh, smiling I am. LOVE this! I only married half of you....I was wondering what that meant.
    Well, as the body changes -- the love grows too! :)

  17. "I only married half of you," I wonder just how many married people have felt that way about the other Hank?

  18. Haha! I wasn't expecting quite so literal a meaning to the title of the poem. (I am sure several of us can relate!)

  19. Hmmm. I wonder if I should read this to the hubby. My loss is his gain. (I'm speaking of weight, here).

  20. Oh the title is great, luring me in and making me wonder where you were going with this. I enjoyed your take on the prompt.