Saturday, June 18, 2016

Chosen through divine assertion

                                                                                     Attribution: Leon S.K.
Image: Joy of Motherhood (here)

Made for it in stellar fashion
Chosen through divine assertion
Specifically for a special function
One so structurally efficient

The feminine body dubbed the weaker sex
Demure sexily refined profusely decked
Of charming personality for a fact
When unashamedly upstaged could favor a fight-back
With a sharp even odious gift of the gab

One outrageously though in their favor
To provide an heir when asked for
Risks and sufferings of becoming a mother
A justified rest thereafter
the sweet sauce of labor

For Sanaa's Prompt Night's (6)
-  rest is the sweet sauce of labor


  1. Whistles!!! Oh my God this is such a stupendous take on the prompt :D never thought that labor could also refer to the glorious journey of motherhood and "justified rest" being its reward. Beautifully put. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support :D :D

    Lots of love,

  2. To be a parent is no easy task or labour and yet in this poem there is a sense of the contentment and internal rest achieving such a miraculous thing can achieve - beautifully written Hank

  3. "A justified rest" this unique take Hank...

  4. This is wonderful, Hank. Love your incorporation of the prompt's title, and the way your poem speaks of maternity rest. It's an informative and very poetry description.

  5. For a mere male I have always thought this way! Women have the real job while the men being mostly idle tend to fight among themselves, then moan when they have to provide food or shelter!

  6. Women sure go through the ringer with all the steps of labor and beyond, men just sit back and stir crap up.

  7. A child is always a source of joy :)

  8. Wonderful Hank, yes we women are known to be the weaker sex but God chose us to multiply. Excellently written and a joy to read.

  9. Loved your piece, though I can't say I have found much rest since my labours of love lol :D XXX

  10. Beautifully penned Hank--rest s needed indeed after--

  11. What a wonderful poem and so true. You've expressed the joy and the work of a mother's special labour and rest. So well done :-)

  12. A beautiful tribute to motherhood. Joy and rest masterly captured from both mother and child. Brilliant!

  13. LOL, I have two not so little ones (they're both teenagers now) and this made me think of sweet moments of their babyhood and toddlerhood when we would all lay down for a nap. :D