Sunday, June 19, 2016

He skillfully painted a beautiful picture

                                                                                     Author: Juan Tomas Valenzuela
Image: Skillful speaker (here)

the 12 given words:
boiling fury erupt crow shadow rise 
shimmering ripple park sweep swarm paint  

Boiling with fury it came off suddenly
It erupted beyond reason he was overwhelmed
It was nothing to crow about so he thought

Without a shadow of doubt he 
had then woefully anticipated trouble
It was beginning to give rise
to cries of dissatisfaction 
and misshapen unfairness     

It was shimmering in his heart
It caused a ripple initially but he
thought it was just a walk in the park

There was an attempt to sweep
it under the carpet but he was 
swarmed with loud protests

He skillfully painted a beautiful picture
something akin to what  they had wanted 
and hungrily waited all these years

He got away with it!
Politicians like talented composers
gleefully played by the ear

For Brenda's Sunday Whirl's Wordle #254 and
Mary's at PU's Poetry Pantry #307


  1. I wonder whether being a politician has even been a noble profession? There are exceptions of course that have risen to the occasion and worked hard for their country or people but so many have used the position for their own good. Sadly we are the fools that vote for them.

  2. There is an artistry to lying on the scale - well painted here Hank

  3. And they have the world dancing to their tune :)

  4. Such a powerfully portrayed piece.. !

  5. It always fascinates me how you weave the words in.

  6. Seconding Rosemary's comment; and yes, politicians can easily be compared to composers!

  7. Powerful and very well penned.
    Politicians are composers indeed appeasing the masses and winning over them. That skill has become really valuable as we see in the current political scenario all over the world.

  8. Wow this is good, well crafted, well done

    Have a nice Sunday Hank

    much love...

  9. yes they have skill i agree and i wonder what do we have?...well said Hank...

  10. Those closing lines are so apt, Hank!!!!!! Cool to think of them as composers..........

  11. Love the painting with words...politicians are not something I can even think about without wanting to drop kick most over the moon and into deep dark space.

  12. Oh those politicians... they play us like a conductor swings his baton...

  13. A well thought out poem using the given words made excellent reading Hank.

  14. They sure can win many over with a few choice words and a clever grin

  15. An interesting comparison and you make the case well. Another thought provoking piece, Hank.

  16. Some play to the crowd, others play to their feelings,


  17. Great twist on that one, Hank. Now, if our politicians can just get to painting that picture...

  18. Politicians do appear to have that awful skill of turning a crowd...
    It is when they achieve power we see through their lies.
    Anna :o]

  19. Oh how I wish politicians painted with the true interest of the people. But unfortunately, we know better. Great how you capture political ambition here.

  20. Well penned--this election season makes me want to cry