Thursday, March 10, 2016

For a true friend is such a gem

                                                                                    Attribution: Philip Gabrielsen
Image: Yummy Plate of Lobsters (here)

Get Listed given words:
gravity friend able serious hungry 
touch work aspect nourishment

The gravity of a situation
Where a friend is concerned
One is still able to be magnanimous
For in all seriousness

To touch on the nerves
To work off the verve
On aspects of nourishment
Should not go into arguments

That being hungry without a voice
Is not an option of choice

Extend the friend the best at hand
For a true friend is such a gem

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  1. After reading your poem, I think I understand your comment on my poem a little bit more. At first I thought I'd offended someone! Please, let me know if I have. Thank you, for your poem and comment, Hank. :)

  2. A little hand extending can go a long way, few true friends one gets.

  3. Gem indeed. Thank you for the humanity

  4. I think friends are nourishment and share... I feel hungry after reading your words.

  5. "That being hungry without a voice
    Is not an option of choice"

    My favourite line. Indeed a feed will feed us to statement and our share in the creation process

    Thanks for dropping in to read mine

    Much love...

  6. Good heavens, that looks delicious. Seriously, my mouth is big-time watering. I'm a seafood junkie --- especially for lobster.

    "One is still able to be magnanimous" ... I have SUCH a hard time with this. Seriously, for how smart and mature I can me, I can also act like a two-year-old a lot of the time, especially with the people who are the closest to me.

    I love the way these lines sound together:
    "To touch on the nerves
    To work off the verve"

  7. "That being hungry without a voice" Is a wonderful line in a great poem!

  8. So very true, Hank--and there is too much argument without nourishment these days, as well as too many going hungry.

  9. Reminds me a bit of when close friends gather and have arguments over where to go to eat, driving each other crazy, but still managing to hold on to the feeling of camaraderie so that all is forgiven by the time the first appetizer arrives. It made me smile, thinking of that give and take.

  10. So much humanity Thanks Hank for this wonderful verse.

  11. you made me hungry, Hank! thanks for adding your voice ~