Monday, March 7, 2016

Coming on strong!

                                                                                Attribution: Clément Bucco-Lechat

Image: With Grit and Determination,
Make a run for it! (here)

Coming on strong
Extremes can be wrong
Circumstances profess
a way to suggest

Take a middle road
may end with just a shout
but  be happy
to provide a sanctuary

Take a determined stand
and watch the trend
It cannot be all rubbish
Not what you would wish
Never you mind
it'll be all fine
(55 words)

For Kerry's 55 Flash Plus at Real Toad's


  1. Determination sure can allow one to have many a feat.

  2. Middle road is safe but sometimes boring.
    Quite the amazing photo.

  3. Wonderful words and photo. I really enjoyed it!

  4. It is amazing how people may endure in extreme circumstances, and go on to thrive.

  5. Hank, you did great. Middle roads are fun to write about, aren't they? A choice not usually charted for the recommended itinerary. Bummers? Or not yet explored, let's find out.
    This nice post encouraged me to search for my own writing favorite. I did a blog search (upper left box on my blog) and found out it was way down, next to last. Lots of interesting stuff, for me, came up. Short cut:

  6. Determination and tenacity are the key words Hank.
    Good read.

  7. grit is always underestimated ~

  8. I like to put spin on a tennis ball .. and I like your spin here!!

  9. I've missed your visits to my site Hank. Taking a stand no matter where you may be in the road is an honest thing to do. Hugs!

  10. Hard work is always underestimated... great work works well