Tuesday, December 28, 2010

To Remember Her By

Image: courtesy of Willow's

She's gone! Only a pair of leather gloves that's left to remind me of her.

( This is a second poem extended to me by poet Norzah. I wish to thank poet Norzah for allowing it to be shared with others in Magpie. The first poem is here.)

Hugging the Night

I bumped into the thickness
Of the night's blackness
And broke my nose
What stupidity and recklessness.

Gazing too long at the blank
Of night without your smile
And knowing it wouldn't be there
For quite a long while

Though seldom do we meet
Each is a memory to keep
Remaining fresh like a plucked rose
Kept on water in sweet repose

Bon voyage to the morn
That will take her to distant shore
In her absence i'll hug the night
Hoping it'll break my nose no more.

Inspired by Willow's Magpie #46


  1. Thanks for sharing, a wonderful poem and a pleasure to read.


  2. Gazing too long at the blank of night... Yes, been there, done that.

  3. lovely poem-and thanks for your kind comments. Happy New Year!

  4. Trying to follow blind, reckless- yes I can relate. Being left behind is no fun...Thanks!

  5. Very original, it has so much feeling..and watch that poor nose!!

  6. Wonderfully written, love the feel, the longing, but ouch!

  7. Ouch! That darkness can be dangerous!

  8. wow. some powerful emotion behind this one...hugging the night may be better than stumbling around in it...

  9. Strong feeling, longing for someone...
    "Though seldom do we meet
    Each is a memory to keep" -I like these especially. I can relate to them. Nice!

  10. Great job, love the line "Each is a memory to keep"~

  11. Some very unique imagery there. I broke my nose once. It was not a pleasant experience, so your words in the first verse conjour up those memories and sensations. :O)

  12. you write so well..

    heartfelt words.
    awesome magpie.