Wednesday, December 22, 2010

La Tour Eiffel

The iron lady - image taken on Dec 21, 2010, showing a romantically lighted structure amidst all the slush of snow on the ground typical of the current cold spell in Europe.

Never you mind !

Gay Paree, what's to see
La dame de fer, profoundly
towering 324 metres

But devoid of visitors
Never you mind !

Shivers the current cold spell
Engineer Gustave Eiffel
Must you know?

But now carpeted with snow
Never you mind !

Tallest man-made structure
Entrance arch, the 1889 World’s Fair
Had your fair share
Held the title for 41 years

But surpassed in 1930 by the Chrysler's
Never you mind !

Appearing as upstart
Always in my heart
A romantic icon
For all seasons

But holding out on your own
Never you mind !

Submitted for One Shot Wednesday Week #25


  1. yep - la tour eiffel - fascinating peace of architecture and craftmanship - i've been there - amazing - la dame de fer

  2. ah, up the tower in snowstorm...not for the faint of heart!!


  3. Headed to Paris next summer .... can't wait. Happy Holidays

  4. amazing place...the tower is a great piece of architecture...a great poem here..cheers pete

  5. my very favorite icon of Paris- lovely lovely poem!